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The Sun's In My Eyes

Updated on January 10, 2012

Get up, walk away

There’s nothing more you could say

A slow color rolls off your tongue

Fiery smoke, and I’m sure I’m hung

You remember nights under the stars?

You remember promises in whispers?

I don’t wanna go too far,

You are my heart don’t take it apart

While I can’t get enough, get away

You think I’m only here for one day

I’ve been living a life with you in the background

I turn my head, and I’m back around you again

You and me was a perfect recipe,

Before you go let’s slow down and follow a one way path

Let’s go

I never knew what to call it, I was here for you

But my head was wrapped around another

And I let you choose

We put prints on the moon, times so high to say we could glide wasn’t right

You took my breaths with pride and away

We would get carried away more

You remember how we used to sleep in the night?

You gave me a teddy to hold close and tight

Please stay, please go

You’re pushing me closer, away from home

You’re smile grounds me here

And eyes so deep, they can’t be true

[I still can’t figure out their color]

Sounds of voices still haunt me

Whispers in my ears from the reaper

Those days were darker,

I carved the story into my skin with a pen

Of the day I met you

I forgot how bad it was, being lonely

But when I find myself alone, I say “Think beautiful”

I think of our time when we danced in the water

A place with endless time

A feeling so painless it hurt to go away

I know everything

You knew the same

Just keep running away, forever

Showing you a new world to discover

I ate the blue ones because the blues were being sung,

I felt a fiery smoke and I’m sure I’m hung

Give me a smashing bottle; I’ll down the whole thing

Don’t tell me who I am, you’re just the runner

While I’m already spent

Let’s spend time together,

When I can’t see what’s in front of my eyes

[I still can’t figure out their color]

I still remember those dark times

They were so bright; I can’t remember your face

Just face the truth; you were only beautiful to me

Times past, and I’m gone

Push me away, you are so close

To destroying me

The suns in my eyes tonight, let’s get high

And runaway together.

Copyrighted Sarah H. 2012.
Copyrighted Sarah H. 2012.


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