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The Super Natural Power Of Flight

Updated on September 7, 2011

If I Could Fly

An instructor posed a question to my English class. He asked if we could choose to possess any super natural power what would it be and why? This question reached in and gave me a lot to think about. After sorting through many ideas and tossing them out because I thought them trite, I came up with the following essay…

The first time I flew in a small plane I was 18 years old. I flew from Holbrook Arizona to Albuquerque New Mexico. That part of the United States is breathtakingly beautiful. I believe that experience and the many flights that followed sparked my interest in photography. Such beauty.

I was able to fly so often because I worked for a car dealership in Holbrook. My boss would fly to Albuquerque to pick up cars that we would drive back to Holbrook. I loved this job for many reasons. Flying across the beauty was at the top of the list.

To be able to fly on my own would be the super natural power that I would choose to possess. I would use the power to see parts of the world that are difficult to travel to. for instance, deep in the forests of South America or The Grand Canyon in the United States. Camera in hand, I would have a wonderful time exploring.

I would also use this power to help others by creating an organization designed to help people with emergency travel needs. For example a family member who needs to get to a dying person. This organization would also create a network designed to help medically sensitive items get to far away places fast and safely. I have no doubt I would have no trouble finding funding for such an agency. After all, how many socially conscious flyers are there to compete with?

Written by Becky Jo Gibson 3/29/11

What a wonderful fantasy this assignment created for me. I can imagine how amazing this would be if only I could in fact possess a super natural power.

God Bless…


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    • kentuckywriter267 profile image

      Floyd Cryer 4 years ago from Hodgenville, KY

      I agree with you 100%... I have dreams all the time about me flying like that and it feels so good when I am flying and so not good when I wake up. I try so hard to get back to sleep just to dream again and get upset when it doesn't work. lol nice article. Love it...