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The Tale of Aya Part 1

Updated on November 25, 2009


This serious is not finished and is being rewritten.

The Tale of Aya Part 1


It was a dark night and the train had just come to a stop, its last stop for the evening. The lights flickered ever so casually as they always did and under them sat a 19 year old college student, asleep in her seat.

“Last stop, everyone off.” Buzzed a voice over the loud speaker in the ceiling; alerting anyone who might be left on the train that the train service was closing for the night.

“Huh” Aya sleepily opened her eyes, letting her vision readjust to the environment around her.

“Sorry miss but this is the last stop on the line.” The old conductor said standing by the opened door.

“Owe. Can you tell me which stop this is?” Aya asked the conductor as she grabbed her grocery bag off the seat next to her.

“Hope Park stop, miss.” The conductor replied in a soft and kind voice.

“Thanks Al.” She said to the familiar face, standing up and heading toward the platform.

The conductor bowed his head slightly as he had always done to the passengers  and with a smile replied “No problem Aya, sorry you missed your stop, hope you get home safely.”

“I will, say hello to Tera for me.” Aya said as she hopped onto the platform from the train.

“I will, see you tomorrow Aya” Al said waving friendly as Aya walked over to the steps to the park.

Reaching the bottom of the stairs Aya was greeted by on unfamiliar scene. The park seemed different tonight. She couldn’t put her finger on it exactly but it gave her an uneasy feeling, as if something was watching her from the darkness.


Halve way through the park the feeling had not dissipated in the least and she was starting to look nervously in several directions, grateful for the parks lamps. Aya glanced at a bench down the way, the light was partially out, making it hard to see who it was sitting on the bench if anything.

“HELLO IS ANYONE THERE” Aya shouts in the benches direction.

“Shhh or it will hear you.” A voice which could barely be considered a whisper spoke from the bench.

“Hello?” Aya asks softly as she slowly approaches the bench along the path. There on the bench she sees a guy in a black trench coat, wearing a black hat tipped down. Not moving in the slightest.

“Do you need something?” Asked a voice coming from the body as the man just continued sitting there staring at the ground.

“Umm…Not really, is there someone else here?” Aya inquired, slowly moving toward the bench. Regretting having watch that horror movie last week with her friend.

“If you want to have a seat just take one. I’m not dangerous.” The voice said.

“Sorry. The park just seems different tonight.”  Aya replied nervously sitting down next to the man as to not be rude, on top of that her feet were killing her from all the walking.

“Really, you don’t say. This is my first time being here.” The man chuckles a bit. “Figures I would come here on a day when something weird is going on. Never had much luck, but I never would have pegged this for how I would go out.”

“GGo out!?” Aya asked in quick apprehension, nervously she started moving to get up. Her mind filling with dread of what his answer would be.

“Yeah, didn’t see it coming.” The man said slowing turning his head, revealing a pale empty expression.  “You shouldn’t be here tonight you know right?”

“What… What do, you mean!” Aya’s eyes were wide open, her heart racing, this is way worse than that horror movie was all she could think while trying to remain calm.

“It got me, it will get you, you should run. Get out of here while you still have a chance.” The man turned his face back toward the spot on the ground he had been staring at and began to fall forward.

At this the fell forward off the bench and Aya could see a big red spot on the back of his trench coat. BLOOD! That is blood. It was too much for her, fear had won over rationality, calmness.

Aya let out a loud shriek of utter horror. The bushes began to rustle 20 feet done the path. Something was coming. Aya took off down the path in the opposite direction, screaming in horror.

To Be Continued


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    • profile image

      Ron Desjardins 8 years ago

      Thank you foon

    • Arthur Gulumian profile image

      Arthur Gulumian 8 years ago from Pasadena, CA

      Interesting story but you have a lot of grammar problems and phrasing issues; you should do some editing. Keep up the work.