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The Tasmanian Tiger that saved Joe's life

Updated on May 17, 2017
Whispering Night profile image

I am a student of Film Language, Scriptwriting, Character development, Psychology (Allied subject), Graphic design and Visual Literacy

Joe's mother lit a lamp using a single match stick. The lamp cast enough light to illuminate the room which otherwise filled with complete darkness. Ten-year-old Joe sat on the chair along with his father and brother Fredric waiting for a roasted duck to be served for dinner. They lived in a wooden house with a slanted roof. It was so quite in Tasmania at night that the only sound one could hear is the noise the crickets make. Joe yelled to his grandpa who was sitting outside the door of the house in his usual rocking chair that hot dinner is waiting for him.

They had a quick prayer and the boys readily devoured the food like a hungry bear. Joe's father still wearing a straw hat and looked at his children and said well today we had a hard day working on the farm. He looked at Joe's brother and said make sure all the sheep and chicken are safe from lazy predators that roam near the farm at night for easy picking. These creatures will not stop attacking our farm. They are quite a menace. Something should be done about it.

After having dinner Joe sat with his grandpa listening to his long tales about how a local Aborigine who almost took his life for encroaching on his territory. Luckily he had a pen knife and quickly scratched it on his arm. He yelled some words which he didn't understand clearly. Soon six more of them joined the Aborigine to bring him down. But a sudden gunshot in the air scared them away. Thanks to some of the European settlers who were riding a coach stopped to save him. All the Aborigines ran away in mortal fear.

The grandpa continued that he and grandma toiled hard to harvest wheat. They had four horses to draw water from the well. Just then there was a sudden gush of air and the windmill was running faster. His father came out with a gun and started polishing it. His mother too came out looked at the quite night sky filled with star and told Joe about how his father once saved her life from a poisonous brown snake by lifting it with his bare hands. Swinging it like a rope and threw it far away. Joe said yeah I heard this story before everyone in the town knows dad his a hero.

In the morning every neighbor was talking about the bounty placed on Tasmanian tiger head by the Tasmanian government. They said the government is willing to pay one pound for a dead Tasmanian tiger and 10 shillings for the dead pups. Its time to get rid of them for good. A fat bald man with long beard armed with three guns shouted today I will see that none remain in the wild. All the men cried out death for those terrible tigers.

Joe's brother in spite of all the commotion was steadily looking at the neighbor's girl and trying to make a nice impression with manly gestures. Joe tapped on his brother's head and said let us go to the wild and kill some of those tigers. It will be fun. Their father overheard this and said you will not find Tasmanian tigers during daylight they prefer to sneak on our farm animals at night. It is not so easy to get one. You need to have a sharp vision and clear ears to get them.

In the evening when the sunlight was getting dimmer and temperature slightly dropped to freezing. People formed a group to search for the possible den to find the Tasmanian tigers. Joe's brother took him aside and said I have one of those grandpas old loaded pistols. We will venture into the wild on our own and prove everyone that we are better hunters. Joe was too young to understand that this is going to be a dangerous situation.

Joe and his brother carefully followed a certain group of men following a trail which could possibly lead them to Tasmanian tigers den. Soon the group silently approached a family of tigers chewing some carcass. They started aiming at them with their guns. Loud noises were heard and few of the tigers fell dead while some of them limping with severe wounds managed to run away.

The brothers decided to return home. They were very inexperienced to handle guns and the freezing night made them feel worse. Now both of them far away from the group have to find their way back to their house on their own. Joe suddenly tripped over a sharp rock in the dark and suffered a broken foot. He was not able to walk and was in great pain. It was getting late. Suddenly the brothers saw gleaming eyes all around them. They realized they were surrounded by four bloodthirsty looking dingos.

Fredric took aim at a dingo and managed to injure it. This created a chaos among the dingos. Suddenly without a warning, a dingo leaped from behind and knocked the gun out of his hand. Now they were completely at the mercy of these snarling dingos. They were making threatening gestures and slowly closing on them. Joe tried to grab few stones and flung at them. But they were helpless. Just when a dingo was about to charge towards injured Joe. A Tasmanian tiger jumped in front of him and challenged the dingos by opening its mouth wide and making aggressive noise.

The Tasmanian tiger was no match for three ferocious dingos, yet it put a bold display and tried to distance the dingos away from the brothers. It fought bravely and received many bites all over its body but still, the tiger remained firm and chased the dingos away. Then it returned to Joe looked at his eye in a human way and sat next to him licking its wound. Later it collapsed at his feet and died. Two more tigers appeared sniffing at the body of the dead one. They soon ran away when they heard humans approaching their way. Again gunshots were heard. Soon the search party found the boys and carried Joe safely back to home. He saw many of them carrying bodies of many Tasmanian tigers. He felt sad for what they have done. Their bodies were completely riddled with bullets. One of them tried to take the tiger which saved his life. He shouted in anger leave it alone it belongs to me.

Joe has to take a month rest to heal his broken foot. His parents took good care of him. He told them how a Tasmanian tiger sacrificed its own life to save them. They believed every word he said. Just then his brother brought him a newspaper and read the news that the last Tasmanian tiger as died in captivity in the old Hobart Zoo. Joe cried after hearing this news and said we were wrong about them and will never see them again. Joe will remember the brave Tasmanian tiger for saving his life forever.

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    • Whispering Night profile imageAUTHOR


      20 months ago from our World

      I checked the map of Tasmania taken from space it looked more green than being a desert while writing this story. I imagined the place having thick red soil, Some bushy plants and lots of stones. Most probably the tigers spent their time inside a rocky cave to escape the afternoon heat.

    • Jodah profile image

      John Hansen 

      20 months ago from Queensland Australia

      Good for you, Praveen. Rattlesnakes are common in Northern Hemisphere deserts e.g. USA. Mainland Australia has deserts but no rattlesnakes, but Tasmania is small and doesn't even have deserts.

    • Whispering Night profile imageAUTHOR


      20 months ago from our World

      Thank you for pointing out the errors. I thought rattlesnake were common in all deserts. I changed it to brown snake like you said and corrected the word foot ankle to broken foot.

    • Jodah profile image

      John Hansen 

      20 months ago from Queensland Australia

      I have always had a great interest in Tasmanian Tigers. This was an interesting tale and some of your research was good. One thing though.. There are no rattlesnakes in Tasmania and never have been. You could change it to brown snake maybe. Also don't say "foot ankle". It is either "broken foot", "broken ankle" or " broken foot and ankle."


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