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The Taste of Acceptance--Final Stage in Grief Pie Series

Updated on February 19, 2014

Acceptance Pie

Acceptance Pie!
Acceptance Pie! | Source

Acceptance Pie--Grief Series

The way I see it, we all have two choices. No more. No less.

When it comes to acceptance, we can either grab 'hold the slippery reins--or dig our heels into more misery! The options seem fairly clear.

Even clearer, is the insight garnered from surviving the first four stages of grief; pies, if you will. And, from that trip, comes the realization that the last pie of acceptance is one met with repeat visits. We all migrate from pie to pie--nothing is static, including healing. We could easily call this one, Visitor Pie. Life is fluid--as are the many steps we take through life's challenges. I believe it's safe to say that acceptance is attainable, but only for periods of time-- never a fixed state.

So, what possibly could mound this last gasp to a better floor of mind? People from all walks of life. I don't really cotton to that expression (Sorry. I couldn't resist one last Southernism), either. I mean, aren't we all a strand different? Individuals? However, I do think we wear thin the same paths as we scab our souls along the way. So, is acceptance the most rewarding of the pies? I doubt it. Don't you? I mean, embedded in the scheme of acceptance is this semi-conscious awareness that we've also surrendered the most ideal pie of our dreams, so far. That elusive pie!

It'll have seeds--accept this! Or, the filling will not gel as we'd hope it would in a perfect world. In fact, it'll clump somewhere between the stainless mixing bowl and the dirty oven. No matter. It'll still taste faintly divine, and all the while appear half-baked to some. And, the exposed rim may be a bit crusty, like most of us. After all, we are nothing short of consummate amateurs. Imperfect tarts from start to finish.

Pie? Anyone?

Elusive Pie


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