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The Tower In The Mountains

Updated on August 17, 2015
Climb the steps to the Tower In the Mountains
Climb the steps to the Tower In the Mountains | Source

We had been trekking through the mountains for days now on our way to the lone Tower that stood atop the tallest peak. We were getting close but in the heat of the sun it felt like the journey would never end. Looking up we could see the Tower stood proud and the final 100 or so steps that would take us there.

Anticipation started to kick in. What would we find when we get there? Would the long days of walking and climbing in blistering heat have be been worthwhile? Soon we would be finding out. We stepped on to the stone staircase that had been cut into the mountain when the Tower had been built which was believed to be over a millennia ago and started our final assent.

The heat of the sun seemed to get stronger as we climbed rather than colder like we had expected with the hight we had reached. One thing was certain though, we would need the oxygen now as the air was allot thinner up here.

Placing the masks over our faces we carried on climbing. As we got close to the Tower it felt like the heat was emanating from the rocky outcrop that the Tower sat next to. It was as if there was something unseen that was heating up the land around us.

As we got closer to the tower we could see that the stone staircase lead to a cave entrance in the rocky outcrop. Not to the bottom of the tower as we had expected.

As we got closer to the cave it became apparent that it was actually a manmade stone structure not unlike a castle whose walls shone with the colors of a rainbow as the sun shined upon it.

As we came into line with the arched entrance of the structure we became aware of a bright glow comming from inside. The glow way so bright that we could not look at it even with our sunglasses.

Turning away from the light we started looking for an alternative route to the tower. After a few minutes we realized that our only option was to either turn back or head into the light.


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