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The Transference

Updated on June 30, 2013


Still waters strummed as momentous ripples abound

A vicious smoke seemingly ploughed the placid ground

The skies that seemed blue transmuted to dark greys

The leaves that were inspired by a new spring’s ways

Were burnt to red ashes that bled a colorless haze

And that which flew like doves fell to dead preys

The seasons that emerged with time’s sweet passing

And eluded existence with newer harmony and rhyming

Familiarizing within boundaries of bewildered hymns

While enamored by more freshening circadian rhythms

Engulfed in pain being healed by breezing medication

Turned sour into causing unbecoming concoctions

The silent chirpings that promised sweeter beginnings

Were silenced by the winds that whispered only endings

What seemed to have travelled through the circle hence

Yet had to redefine the comprehension of Transference


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