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The Trap of Flamboyance

Updated on November 4, 2011

This is a beautiful poem on a girl who lost her true friend for a fake one. It will really touch your heart.

There lived a minx named Alice, in the lively Mexico City

Though, just a five-year old, she was utterly witty.

She always held a rag doll, whom she christened Kate

Although old with tattered clothes, she was her best mate.

She tied around her wrist, plenty of friendship bands

Which were the creations of her own hands.

She would celebrate her happiness with that inanimate doll

And even share her sorrows, big or small.

Alice would make her gowns and comb her wavy hair

She would treat her Kate with utmost care.

In the evening, they would go for a ride

She would never sleep without her Kate by her side.

Once she went for a shopping spree to a toy store

Which housed valorous supermen and enticing toys galore.

Her eyes caught the sight of a Barbie doll

Which could sing and dance and play basketball.

She craved for that doll with many a specialty

Coz she had fallen into the trap of superficiality.

She headed towards her room with that glitzy blonde

Who broke Alice and Kate’s beautiful bond.

In playing with her new doll, so engrossed was she

That she forgot to pick up Kate from under her garden tree.

With a heavy heart, the rag doll faced

The fact that she had been replaced.

Barbie flaunted her tresses, streaked and long

And danced to the tunes of the latest song.

Alice played with her all day long, but at night

Started missing her Kate whom she used to held tight.

She started suffering from insomnia, since she lost her Kate

Poor Alice had reached a pitiable state.

After some days, Barbie got dismantled and no longer worked

Little Alice became perturbed and irked.

Alice and Kate - A true friend will never leave you.
Alice and Kate - A true friend will never leave you. | Source

With drowsy eyes, she went to look for her rag doll

Near the bush, in the bin, and behind the garden wall.

Accidentally, she stepped on a broken band

It was the one which she tied around her stuffed hand.

A tear rolled down her rosy cheek

As she remembered her doll who was faithful and meek.

Lying in bits and pieces, she saw her Kate

The miserable toy had such a poignant fate.

The condition of Kate was the outcome

Of the violent nature of Alice’s dog named Kag.

She stitched her fellow, rag by rag

Then, carefully placed her in her tiny bag.

Alice seeked her forgiveness and realized her folly

Of neglecting her oldest, loyal, and lovely dolly.

She slept in peace after so long

Kate’s presence was more reviving than Barbie’s song.

Now, Alice is an eighty year old

Trembling with senility and cold.

The stitches on Kate rake up the mistake

Of shunning a true friend for a fake!

Friends, this is my first ever poem published at hubpages since I joined the site 4 years ago. I have written and kept lots of poems in my old closet and would like to share with everyone here. I hope you will like what I have written.


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