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The Truth Is I Have Over Eight inches!

Updated on October 17, 2009

The Truth Is...I Have Over Eight Inches! 


The truth is
I have over eight inches,
it just filled out
last night or something.

Never saw anything like it
everything was normal and suddenly
it must have been water weight.

I never thought
it would be able

 to go so deep,
but at least it
is contained for now.

But what will

happen if I let it out,
it feels heavy
and hard when I touch it,
it might get someone else wet.

It's huge too
it's hanging down
quite a bit lower then usual.

I woke up this

morning and it felt
like it was almost
touching my face.

If I press on it

it  just might
relieve the pressure,
I don't dare unzip,
cause the whole
thing will let loose.

sitting up
is nearly
the sun's coming out
and I'm getting

 real warm.

what's a guy to do
when his whole world

evolves around
these bulges that

 plaugue me?

Lousy rain last night
came down so

 hard for hours,

so now....
the entire roof of my tent
is filled with pouches of water,
the tent pole is bent
and I'm trapped
like an ant with sharp pincers
under a water balloon,
and I really have to take a leak.




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    • Randy Behavior profile image

      Randy Behavior 8 years ago from Near the Ocean

      Yep you got me. Had to come look.