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Never Stop a Writer!

Updated on April 2, 2017

Never Stop a Writer!

"The most dreaded fear for a writer is being challenged "CREATIVELY". Nothing can be more miserable than an unexecuted idea. Never stop a writer. Let them feel alive!
Let them feel the power, the fiery passion. Writers are dreamers, let them imagine, let them paint those pages colourful with love, let them fly, let them create their own world!"

I am almost always surrounded by intriguing ideas, I absorb everything that I see, hear and feel, and this stirs millions of ideas in my head which are waiting to be penned down. I can sense feelings emerging out when I observe things, and suddenly I have innumerable ideas floating in the sea of thoughts! Oh, that is the most beautiful feeling of all. Being engrossed into my own world, eternal pleasure lies there!

As the image says, I recently had a similar experience too, where I went out of the way to create something unique, something exciting, only the thought of it made me love it more and more and more. Keeping aside all those things which were utterly important for me at that moment, I explored that one idea, I started thinking of the infinite possibilities.
But, the worst part of it, I was denied to execute the idea, maybe they didn't understand it, but I think they should've heard me out atleast. It was all for their benefit, I had no selfish reasons at all. I can work for days to bring my thoughts into reality, but unexecuted ideas depress me. Only if they'd have heard me out, they'd have realised how BRILLIANT my idea was. But, never mind, it was their loss and not mine, haha!

So, that was something which stimulated this idea. What if, only for a day, I was taken away my freedom to write? How would it feel? I think I won't survive without a paper and pen even for a single day. I keep writing all day long, how can I give up that one thing which makes me ME?

And then, something struck me, what about those young writers who are still in the process of unveiling this magical talent within them and are denied the right to do so? What would it feel like to them? There definitely must be some kind of emptiness, and I feel bad. They could have worked wonders but it's like the bud was plucked even before it could turn into a flower.

Everyone of us has got the freedom of expression. For writers, writing it is! Restricting them is just like snatching away their freedom. What's worse than being physically challenged? It's being challenged 'Creatively'. Just like people have the right to speak, writers should be given the write to express too. It's almost like having an exterior but only the soul goes missing. It's like taking away their right to be alive, believe me, for us, writing is just as good as speaking, and maybe even better!

The one thing is that people do not understand. The power of Pen is inexplicable! It's a noble deed. A pen and a paper are just enough to bring about revolutions. They can create miracles only if given a chance. A writer is a human too. Accept the fact. They are just wired differently, they process things differently. They have got this noble gift, let them use it wisely. Gift them their much needed freedom of expression. Accept them in this world like you accept others.

And as a writer, if you yourself are restricting yourself, stop right away! Realise that not writing it down won't help. You might do anything to lessen the emotional storm inside you, but the effects would show up eventually. That lump in the throat you keep hiding away, it won't disappear unless you make those pages feel alike you, it won't disappear unless you spill out every drop of the pain and drench those pages with every emotion that you felt. Thinking not to write isn't the solution. Go ahead, write it down, and have peace within yourself. Love yourself, and be proud of yourself that you have got this GIFT!

Remember, a writer can never be contained. His imaginations run wild. He has the most amazing gift. He can be what he is and he can be what he's not. He can create an entire world within him. For once, he can take you to the moon, and another moment, he can bring you down to hell even! He can soar to the skies in the fraction of a second, he can fly away to the galaxies, he can reside inside an atom! He can have an imaginary lovestory, he can live inside a fairy tale, he can be a character of a movie, he can be anything! He can do anything! He can create anything! Only with the power of a Pen. How cool that is, isn't it? We are the creators, we can do anything we feel like. Let's plan a trip to Mars today, haha! :D


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