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The Two Are Exactly The Same

Updated on February 15, 2017

My Neck Tight

My minds first thoughts

Rising out of bed

My wife called to see if I was awake

She was off to visit a friend

She wanted to hear me talk

I slowly ever so slowly lift my body

Putting my feet on the floor

The sun shining bright through the edge of the curtain

In the kitchen I see fog and a bit dreary farther away

I go back in my bedroom to make my bed

After that I go to pour a bowl of cereal

Reaching for the milk

As soon as I pull off the cap

I realize it is sour

Down the drain it goes

It would of been just enough to cover my cereal

I continue to eat my Cheerios

Like a bird pecking at food

On the bottom in the back of a bird feeder

I remember now

My wife reminded me that lunch was in the refrigerator

Soup and something else I can't recall

My cat Charlotte circling under my feet

She goes over to her dish and eats what few crumbs that are left

I have almost forgot

Too busy with my own interests

I once again struggle to stand up

Open the closet door

Reach for her food

Then pour her more

She licks her tongue in utter enjoyment

I think of how funny it was

That I heard ringing in my ears

At two different times

Two days in a row

The soft beep of my wife's phone message

Left not played

The whole house would be quiet otherwise

I think of my plans for the day

I treat it as a business

Hoping to accomplish a great deal in only a short period of time

I love to be home

Both my wife and I have the next two days off

My wife told me she heard the weather

Rain in Massachusetts

Lots of wet snow in Maine

We just finished one snow storm and here comes another

My wife loves to cook

She will make extra soup

So we can have it for a few days during the week

We knew ahead of time the snow was coming

So we took two days off to play it safe

When we are home my wife gives me an update every few hours

I tell her it's winter and it's not uncommon to get snow

Charlotte our cat sits by my side in the chair next to me

I reach out and pat her while she is sleeping

Undisturbed she doesn't move

I think how lovable she can be

Also in the middle of the night

She can be a terror

Racing around

Climbing on our bureau

Knocking pictures to the floor

They didn't bother her before

I noticed my shallow breathing

For no apparent reason

I have to make an effort to think

My neck feels better now

I think I must of slept wrong

I plan on reading and writing for a good part of my day

I am not taking any classes and it has nothing to do with work

I enjoy learning

I am so happy I was able to learn to read

I think of how wonderful our brain can function

It makes me sad to know so many people do drugs

That will alter their ability to think and process information

If only we picked up a book instead

Spending time expanding our minds infinite possibilities

We walk around with it everywhere we go

It's covered by our hair

Easier access than a computer or phone

That we have to plug in to charge

With it we can help so many people

I believe anything is possible

For those people have read this far

This is A Stiff Solution writing of my day


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    • DREAM ON profile image

      DREAM ON 12 months ago

      Gypsy Rose Lee You summed up what I think all the time. We live in a crazy world trying to understand all it's problems helps us work together on a solution. What could be more enjoyable than sharing a common good which one day will be enjoyed fully by many. Thanks so much.

    • Gypsy Rose Lee profile image

      Gypsy Rose Lee 12 months ago from Riga, Latvia

      My cat Sid is a terror as well. It is always a joy after a late night inspirational session to fall into bed in the wee hours and as I am drifting off wham a flying missile lands on my hip lol Then he is ready to sleep on my hip for at least a few hours however my heart is still racing from the jolt he gave me and I cannot fall asleep right away. The night is that way that things that would otherwise seem ordinary during the day seem unusual during the night.