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Seraphic-Insights PLAGIARISM Update - The Two-day Angel

Updated on April 6, 2016

Recent updatings to this article:


The plagiarizer has at least one honest bone in his body. It may be a toe bone (smile !)

In January - the article theft, On April 1st - The thief warns his website members - "Don't Steal Articles"

* * * * * * * * * *

Just plain thevery

I have made some b-i-g changes to this hub. As it came to be, the website,, is not only mismanaged and a sorry excuse for a "writing website," it is run by a plagiarist.

My interest in this website has long been one of curiosity - curiosity as to how such a monstrosity of a website could actually persist as long as it has and curiosity of why its "CEO" (owner and Internet registrant) did not seem to me to understand that lying to and cheating his writer-members was a most insecure way of working in the writing business.

Everything really came together this weekend.

Whereas I once thought it might be sort of fun for a bunch of us writers to throw post after post and short article after article at this failing website just to see if it might actually become a worthwhile place for writers to gather and to participate, I have totally changed my opinion. The place is run by a site owner who is an article thief.

The information about and its leader remains the same as it is described in this article. I would not be revising this posting were it not for the fact that the boss of this most non-Seraphic plagiarized at least one one of the five articles I had provided the website during my interesting 2-day membership.

Not only did the "CEO." Tony Onwujiariri, steal my copyright-noticed article (about making panoramic photographic images) - he did so, word for word. Not only that, but his word-for-word plagiarism was so total that it included my description of the image of the panorama of my own back yard that I had provided with the article. Bad enough, right?

The fool forgot to install my actual image described within the article text that he had stolen.

I found the plagiarized article Saturday evening (one day ago). The article was said to have been submitted by a non-existing writer that the thief named, "Ahmed." This "Ahmed" was said to have submitted the article in January of this year - the same year shown in the copyright notice on my submitted article.

I jumped onto the Facebook account of and fussed at the website owner for stealing my article. About one hour later, when I went back to take another look at the website, I immediately noticed that "Ahmed" (the faked author of my work) had disappeared. In fictitious "Ahmed's" place was now the website's head thief, its "CEO" (whose name is Tony Onwujiariri).

Interestingly, Tony communicated with me via Facebook that it would be permissible for me to re-register as a member-writer on his really atrociously bad website.

I sent a note on through to Tony-the-article-thief that I would pretty much leave him alone provided he quit his dishonest ways and that he pay me the amount that I billed him for the article he had stolen from me. I suggested that he get on over to his bank and have them forward a certified check to me at my mailing address, pronto.

I have no way of knowing if article thief (2X) Tony/Ahmed is going to pay up or not. For Tony's sake, I really hope that he is providing serious attention to my communications with him. I suggested to Tony that I do not want to have to send some of my local friends to visit with him in inquiry about his paying his invoice.

Note: The plagiarized article has since been removed from that website. I have retained full copies of the website's pages that show and prove the double plagiarism.

While Tony is waiting for the banker to show up at his desk on Monday, or Tuesday, or the like, I suspect that Tony is going to be losing a bit of sleep thinking that he may have to entertain some "GusTheRedneck" visitors who want to know what they should relay to me about the payment due from Tony for his stealing my article.

One coincidence in this is that the plagiarized article was only "up" for a day or two, essentially the same amount of time as was my original. My membership in that strange writers' website lasted the whole of two days until out they tossed me. The stolen article was on site about a day or two after the idiots plagiarized and posted it under a fictitious name and also under their own name, too.

I'm taking bets on this - fictional bets at that. Is Tony going to pay up or is he going to allow me to continue my "war" with him over his thievery? My "bet" is that he thinks he is so much smarter than anyone else in the world that he is going to be able to outsmart me. All that means is that I am in for lots and lots of amusement at Tony's expense, and that poor Tony is going to understand what that slang expression means - the one that goes like this:

Tony's cage is going to get rattled beyond belief.

One more "bet":

Tony is not going to plagiarize and publish this hub on his website or on his Facebook account - or on any other website. Pretty good "bet," right?


Tony has at least one honest bone in his body - I think it may be a toe bone (smile ! )

January - article theft, April 1st - The thief warns his website members - "Don't steal articles"

Good thing it is for me that I have a well-practiced sense of humor.

Tony Onwujiariri, the "CEO" of fussed at his website members that he would insure their removal from membership in his sad Internet enterprise in the event that he caught them in the act of stealing articles from others for publication on his pages.

So as to make his pointed warning stick in the minds of the site's several members, Tony described how he had removed one member for the member's crime of plagiarizing an article. He told his remaining few members that they would be next on the chopping block if they were to do the same thing with the articles of others.

I read and downloaded a copy of Tony's warning, for I had a good use for the text. I pasted a copy of it onto the SeraphicInsights Facebook page for Tony and the rest of the writing world to see. Of course I reminded folks how Tony had plagiarized my own article (all of it, text word for text word), once under his own title as website boss and once by sticking another moribund member's username on the article when publishing it following his theft. I poked him in his wallet, inquiring as to when he was going to pay my billing for the copyrighted article he stole from me. Little did that rascal know that I would catch him at it. He actually wrote that I was a "racist," likely because I had caught Tony in the act of stealing that which was not his to steal.

Anyway it is obvious to me that Tony read my note with the copy of his warning to his members that they were not to plagiarize other people's articles. I have now been "blocked" from Tony's SeraphicInsights Facebook page. I may come to tears over being blocked on Tony's SeraphicInsights Facebook page. My comments to Tony were the only new stuff on that page for the last several months. I just hope that my alligator tears do not fall into my coffee cups on early mornings.

Tony is also following this article on HubPages, for he has mentioned it in earlier notifications on the Facebook deal.

It is getting to be kinda fun to rattle that silly fellow's little cage.

Just think, If you join SeraphicInsights you can have your own articles plagiarized - not by just anybody - but by the boss, himself, Tony Onwujiariri, the "CEO." And do not worry that there may be no room for your posting on Tony's website. Space there is rather unlimited. The most recently posted article was put onto Tony's website almost one month ago - written by Tony (so it says on its page).

An opportunity you might not want to miss.

The original hub article follows, less some of the stuff that was at its bottom end. believes "An angel Gus is not"

Text from the original posting, "The Two-day Angel"

Those who know me here on HubPages like it that I look at things as much as possible for the humor and any common sense they may contain. Some people flat do not like that.

The website,, apparently has managers who are among those do-not-like-it people.

Note: "Seraphic" refers to something that is pure or sublime. A "seraph" is said to be one of the heavenly beings surrounding the throne of God; that is, an angel of the highest order and distinguished from other angels by having 3 pairs of wings. The website, "," refers to its writer-members as "Seraphim" - top level angels ("Seraphim" is the plural of "Seraph"). Miracles might be expected to take place on such a website.

Let's take a look.

Counting noses tells how it "goes-es"

I had been watching the struggling revenue-sharing writer website ( for a considerable time. Membership grew, perhaps to as many as 400 or so on the roster, None had yet received payment for their postings, but future payments were promised.

The website managers had often mentioned that more members and more writer activity were needed in order to cure a scarcity of advertising revenue.

"Soon. we will start paying you."

Many of the website's angels began to look about for other writing heavens.

Seraphic chorus members waiting for advertising revenue to land in their bowls. Image source:
Seraphic chorus members waiting for advertising revenue to land in their bowls. Image source:

Internal Warfare

There arose a serious squabble between the website managers and one very popular member, a Canadian writer. As a respected site moderator, she tried her level best to guide the website managers and the remaining members into more profitable ways. The website managers let her go instead of paying attention to what she had to tell them.

I wondered why it was that seraphic leaders, who may have been pure enough, could be so dull-witted, at the same time.

This foolishness had an almost instantaneous effect on the website. Its seraphim membership dropped to 201 writer-members, most of whom had now become almost totally inactive. The number of article posts went down to about nothing - maybe one new article every several days, Advertising diminished in quantity and in quality. The few remaining ads were mostly Meet and Date Asian Girls ads.

I wondered if the website might soon start soliciting porno articles from its contributors.

Well, there came no pornography. Also, there came scant few other kinds of articles. Advertising money remained scarcer than "hens' teeth."

It is the fault of the writers

The website managers fussed at their writer-members about the website problems. The managers blamed the lack of advertising revenue on unfavorable positioning of member articles on search engines, for example, on A notification was posted that items and articles by members must henceforth contain improved search engine optimization (SEO) if members wanted their postings and articles to appeal to Internet users.

Not much, if anything, was said about the need for article submissions to be of interest to the world at large, to improve overall article quality, and to greatly increase the number of articles submitted for publishing.

Search engine positioning may depend a lot on optimization of the text by writers  (Source:
Search engine positioning may depend a lot on optimization of the text by writers (Source:

There were many article categories suggested. Some of the listed categories were ordinary - science, business, entertainment, and others of the usual sorts. One new and most unusual category was added to the list. It was payment proof. Evidently there had been so many member complaints about non-payment for their postings that payment proof became perhaps the most important of the categories.

As I write this, today's article roster has a proportionately large number of the website articles that deal with money and with member payments or the lack of them.

Putting a new brand on the website rump

The image that I placed at the top of this HubPages article is a public domain image from It is this same image the website managers used for calling member attention to the only new article on today's front page. The text of the article with the image was a near-repeat of earlier versions of the same general posting by the website managers. Today's posting, as did the earlier announcements, explained to the members and to the world that the website was being rebranded (whatever that means).

That image of exploding fireworks was signaling, "Pay attention. This article has new and important promises of wonderful things that are to happen on our website. Here you will find more new possibilities for member fame and fortune ."

The major problem with that announcement was that precious little had been happening on since previous promisings.

Here on HubPages, above this article, the fireworks image is used as pictorial sarcasm as to the rebranding nonsense.

As I looked through Seraphic's rebranding article, I had a vision of someone burning a brand onto the rear end of a no-legs, Pacman-like angel-slug. The brand I envisioned was supposed to be "Seraphic," but it had turned out to be lettered, "P-r-o-m-i-s-e."

My branding iron vision was probably a mental burp arising from what had recently transpired between and me. ( onset of insight? ).

A "sluggo" seraph branded with the "Promise" brand
A "sluggo" seraph branded with the "Promise" brand | Source

Becoming an angel (a seraph) - temporarily

Continuing my study of the ailing website was easy enough. The website remained basically the same in content day after day. So few new articles arrived on the site's pages that keeping up with website activity was really very easy.

Despite the lack of disturbance from new postings, it was useful to be diligent, frequently looking at the website contents. Articles might be of temporary residence. People had to read any short-lived articles right away because some might not be there for review the next day. Contrary to that, featured articles might remain headlined for weeks on end. A visitor could not expect new postings to add to older articles remaining on the pages.

It was easy to feel sorry for this struggling website. I thought to myself, "Self, Old Boy, you don't need their money, so why don't you give them a jab or two of anti-poverty medicine with some little articles to pep up their sorry pages. Maybe more new writings might generate a few pennies from some better-paying advertising. Lots of articles with more advertising may help the website survive long enough for its managers to learn how to do things the right way."

Never fard on the Internet

Early this year I had two days of goof-off time available to me. So I put together five nice little articles, complete with search engine optimization, and uploaded all five to the website. Nothing earthshaking as to those articles, but they would have made the grade over here on HubPages with ease.

One of my articles was about radio personality, Rush Limbaugh. Back in his early days in broadcasting, he spun stories in which he used the French word, fard (translation: rouge, makeup, cosmetics). He almost lost his job because of his telling his radio audience that female automobile drivers would be much better and safer drivers if they would stop farding every time they got behind the wheel of a motor car. Limbaugh kept up his funny play on the fard word for many days.

The Limbaugh story was one of the five I uploaded to I had become contributing member, "Number 202" of

Clear the streets !  Here comes another farding female. (Image source:
Clear the streets ! Here comes another farding female. (Image source:

Don't ask any questions - just stand in front of that wall

Being of a typical amateur writer type, I was curious about the reaction to my five articles by other members of Might the seraphim like the stories? Did they actually read any of them? Were they happy that a new "writer" had stumbled across their doorstep? Did advertisers complain or did I bring some smiles to advertiser faces and thoughts of sales to their bookkeepers?

When I tried to log in as a website member on my third day of membership. I found that I had been executed; that is, my membership had been canceled and all five of my articles had been eliminated. My membership had been so brief that my keyboard-tapping fingers had yet to cease their vibrating. The managers of had simply zapped me without a whisper or a complaint to me about the content of my articles.

Gus, you may not have even a last cigarette !
Gus, you may not have even a last cigarette ! | Source

I believe that it was the Limbaugh farding story that got me tossed from the website.

Now, pausing a moment to consider things, it could well have been any or all of the other stories. Perhaps they were upset with me because I had accompanied my postings with photos made using my own camera instead of those in the public domain? It is doubtful that I will ever learn what caused my downfall.

Being thrown out took but two days of five-article production (and apparently unloved membership) in a dying shared-revenue website.

Why tell this to HubPagers and to their many readers?

There is the possibility that I should be annoyed with the way the managers of dealt with me, but I had already understood, going in, that this was a mighty strange bunch running their website. So, the truth is that I am not annoyed with them, nor am I entirely puzzled by their strange handling of my account and my postings. From what little I knew then about the outfit, this was simply normal practice.

The website managers were what they were and still are what they are. The words, "plagiarists" and "thieves" come readily to mind. I want HubPages writers learn some things about these people. Facts about people who deal with writers and would-be writers the way managers deal with them should become common knowledge among writers at large.

A post under any other's name is still a post - even posts like these that do not say anything at all. (Image source:
A post under any other's name is still a post - even posts like these that do not say anything at all. (Image source: | Source

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