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The Ugly

Updated on January 20, 2014

In life we come across so many kinds of individuals, the good, the bad and the ugly and of these kinds of people,we only need the good while the bad and the ugly need to be totally cut off.

The Good: These are the kind of people who support you in every way, they encourage you and are willing to pay any prize for your sake, they do not back bite and doesn't criticize you at your back, they do it right in front of you by advising you on the right path anytime you fall short.

The Bad: These set of people are known at once because they immediately show their person, they are greedy and believes that they know better than you, they backbite, smile with you i your presence then condemn you at your back, they always come up with things like...Oh! if you had told me yesterday each time you seek a favor from them and worst of all, they take from you and doesn't bring back.

The Ugly: You cannot determine their evil nature by their faces, they kill you literally and each time you look at them, they smile at you. They are jealous of you but you will never know, they envy you, they are ungrateful and the lie a lot. When they say good morning and you check the time, you will be shock to realize that it is past two in the afternoon. They are the worst kind of people to meet because they have the ability to piss you off the most.

You have to be very careful of the people you let into your life, i am not saying that i am saint per se but i am not an ingrate and i do not back bite neither do i envy, i am true to my nature just like so many of you although the perfect sometimes fall but not to destroy others. The bad is bad by nature and the ugly ugly by nature and these set of people can stir fire without smoke

A bad friend you are My Anderson and you are the Ugly.

You came to set on time
You were the oldest of all
You smiled at every move
You asked lots of questions
You begged to have you on board
After all the help given to you
You still disappeared with our DVD
One hundred DVD is enough for you
Is that part of the contract made with us
Now you think that you have gotten it all
But you only helped us to get the movie there
Insurance paid for all you caused
Our weeding your funeral William

A former rebel fighter in the Liberia rebel army ran away with 100 DVD of my film Transformer after the opportunity given to him to act. See his ugly face but you are forgiven without an apology. This is just to take it out from my heart and i know that you will read it or might be told about it.

Dedicated to Mr. William Anderson


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