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The Ultimate Depth To Ponder.

Updated on January 24, 2010


The ultimate depths to ponder.  

Hell is deeper then
any blade ever pierced
in the act of murder
and yet more shallow people
will suffer there
then any deeply
agnostic spouters will
for the agnostics tend
to cry out to God
when death smiles
with his bottomless pit
a consuming mouth
of black stench
with granite toothed tombstones
gleaming their names
in shadowed etchings
consider then the
bottomless pit into which
all who are unaware
of the importance
of the heavens
will one day tumble into
falling forever,
constantly starting
in an attempt to stop
but never ceasing
the forever tumble
into nothing but more forever
weeping and wailing
and gnashing of teeth
six feet under suddenly
transposed into deep sixed
into the worst possible pit
known to any creature in existence
and what of Lucifer's plunge
from the heavens to earth
and then to hell,
an elevator suddenly plunged
11 trillion stories
towards his destiny
with all evil souls
what a free fall
that must have been
generated by freewill
to be higher then God
and yet I find the depth
in the blue eyes
of my first love
after our intial
opening kiss to be
deeper then anything
listed above
it haunts me to this day
the depth there of innocence
and awe, and joy combined
into one second of two
filled with wonder
I fell harder  
than any hell
can ever consign me to
and with my dying breath
I will still be lost
in the endless depths
of her most precious eyes.







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