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The Ultimate Guide to Overcome Laziness

Updated on September 22, 2019

We are all familiar with laziness. Lack of work, spending time alone, sleeping more than necessary, we call laziness and we also know that laziness causes us a lot of loss. Still, the pursuit of laziness does not get rid, it appears somewhere in life. While forgetting, we forget our actions, troubles etc. and when the time passes, we cry lazily, blame ourselves, regret it.

Laziness is a nature of mind. This look is also in our practice, it cannot be caught just like that. We want to drive away laziness, we want to get away from it, so first we have to know why laziness is coming to us. If we can overcome those reasons, then we can probably avoid the negative effects of laziness.

What is Laziness?

Laziness - is the tendency to get tired, to refrain from doing something new, or to avoid things. The question arises as to what are the reasons why we feel lazy

Regarding this, famous psychologist Lara D. Miller says that laziness is over-criticized. Imposing lazy does not help in understanding why a person is not doing what he wants to do or should do. Maybe there is some kind of fear hidden behind laziness. It can also be a cloak clogged for not doing anything, fear of failing, expectations of others, dissatisfaction, lack of motivation and trying not to do anything to avoid argument. Therefore, instead of considering idleness as a problem, it should be considered as a symptom of other problems.

The problem of laziness is a person's gesture and also a hint that the person's thinking is that now the circumstances cannot be changed.

Some satirists may have praised it, considering it to be the inspiration for the invention of many convenient items, considering it a sign of endurance and the art of making life easier, but the truth is that not finding the cause of laziness is long Staying away from important tasks for a long time can make your career and life annoying.

Laziness, to a extent, makes us feel relaxed, gives happiness, does not cause harm, but refraining from working continuously after that limit of time gives us more pain than happiness, filling the mind with restlessness and remorse; Because non-work does not reduce the heap of work, rather it increases and gradually it increases so much that it does not let us feel good about ourselves, our actions and our relationships. In a way we are surrounded by negativity due to laziness and start thinking negatively.

Two types of Laziness:

The first one, in which a person works hard and finishes his work first and then wants to spend some time in laziness without doing anything. This kind of laziness does not harm, but gives benefits. When our important tasks are completed and we live the rest of our time in peace, do our tasks without any stress then it gives us a way of enjoying life.

The second is laziness, in which there is no motivation to do something inside the person. In such a situation, people are restless due to not doing anything, but they do not have the enthusiasm to get them done. Many times a person does not know what he wants to do and due to not understanding it, he also does laziness.

Doing nothing in this way for a long time, avoiding work, taking daily tasks as compulsion - it is nothing else but a sign of frustration being born in the mind, due to which a person spends his time in less hard and boring things Starts spending It is very important to deal with such idleness. To overcome laziness from our lives, we have to work a little hard.

How to Overcome Laziness?

British writer and politician Benjamin Disraeli said that "Happiness always comes from work, it is not necessary, but it is certain that happiness cannot be found without working." We should seek real happiness and we cannot find it without working.

Only by working can we get real peace of life. Regardless of whether we are successful or unsuccessful in our actions, more attention should be paid to doing the task than thinking. Instead of doing multiple tasks at once, one should try to complete one or two tasks at a time; Because this will complete our work and by seeing our work done, our self-confidence will also increase and happiness.

We have countless tasks to do, due to which we do not understand where to begin. How to do? Therefore, we should make it a habit to cover and save the tasks before us, and try to free ourselves from unnecessary thoughts; Because the less scatter within us, the more we will control ourselves.

Exercise, yoga, etc. are among the best ways to overcome laziness. They make our body and mind full of vitality, refreshes them and arouses enthusiasm in the mind. At the same time, to remove laziness, we need positive thinking, right direction and strong initiative to follow them. Only by adopting them can one survive idleness


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