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The Invited Ghost - Part 1

Updated on August 20, 2020
Shawindi Silva profile image

Shawindi is a student who learns literature and languages and she is interested in writing. She enjoys learning English Literature.

Mary and her desire.

It was the morning of Monday, the start of a new week and a new month. Mary wanted to start the new month with a good feeling in her heart. So she got dressed to go to church though it was Monday.

In her life she don't have stress, as she was living alone she didn't want to earn a lot of money. She worked in a hotel which belongs to her cousin, and at her job she didn't work hard, her job was to encounter the guests who are coming to the hotel to plan a party or a special event. She had to help them with organizing the party and give instructions of the staff members who they want to meet. She enjoyed her job as it gave freedom for her life.

One day while she was going home after work, she saw a woman who was engaged with a witchcraft in a house and the house absolutely looked like a mysterious house. She wanted to go inside the house and talk with that woman. She knew that it was a bad idea, but she never wanted to escape from adventures. So she went inside. The woman was facing a wall. Though that woman didn't know Mary she talked to her.

''Mary, why are you here ? This place is not good for you. If you don't care of my warning, you have to face an accident that can kill you !'' said the woman.

''What ? what are you talking about ? and how do you know my name ?'' said Mary.

''I know everything, and you have the permission to know what God wants to let you know about. You must leave.'' the woman replied.

Mary was exited from the woman's words. Although her subordinate mind is warning her to leave, she didn't want to leave that place without knowing the secret of the woman.

Mary asked the woman about the secret she was hiding. But the woman was wise enough to get rid of the people who are going to face a danger on their own and who could be a disturb for her works.

''I won't tell you again, you must leave my home. You're doing this to cause a big trouble.'' said the woman.

''Can you even tell me your name ?'' said Mary.

''I'm Morgan'' replied the woman.

After knowing the name, Mary got out of the mysterious house to go home. She was thinking about Morgan's words. Mary was absolutely frightened by Morgan.

Although despite her fear her subordinate mind remembers a story she heard in her childhood.

Once her father had told her about a game that is totally dangerous, it was 'demon of the coin'. Mary was told this story provided that she never use this game to do anything. That game is able to make any of our dreams come true.

Mary is talking with her own mind.

''Is it dangerous ?? yes, father didn't want me to use this for any purpose in my whole life time. But if I use this, I will be able to know about the danger which Morgan tried to tell me. It will be alright, there is no one who need me, I'm living alone I don't have responsibilities, I don't have husband, children or even a boyfriend. I must do this despite the danger.''

Mary's desire was to know about the danger that Morgan was telling her. But she didn't know that she was on the edge of facing a big trouble.

Demon of the Coin.

Mary walked towards home thinking that she should use the magic which her father told her. First she requested a holiday from the hotel which she was doing her job. Quickly she received the answer, it was 'yes'. As her cousin was her boss it was not a hard work to request a holiday.

She was alone in her house, She made dinner herself, and ate.

It was 9.00 p.m. she sat on the sofa and spent nearly five minutes looking at the clock.

''This is the best time to start my work'' she thought.

Mary sat on the floor with a large paper on her hand. She placed it on the floor and wrote numbers and letters around it and in the middle there was ''yes and no'' in a circle, in that circle there was the another circle which was the circle the coin need to be placed.

She let out a long sigh, and got ready to start chant a prayer. Mary was ready to face any trouble now. Her heart is now strong enough to withstand any trouble.

Suddenly she heard that the wind is blowing too fast. Light bulbs in the house started to extinguish. Mary strengthened herself to face any trouble.

She completed chanting prayers. It was the occasion to ask her question. She believes that there is a demon inside the coin.

''Demon, can I ask my question now ?'' she asked.

She placed one of her fingers on the coin, then the coin automatically took her finger out of the circle which was drew for the coin. The coin took her finger around the paper and at last it stopped on the word 'yes'. Looking all these incidents Mary was frightened and amazed.

Mary got ready to ask her question.

''What is the danger that Morgan told me about ?'' Mary asked.

What an amaze !

A sentence was displayed on the paper automatically. It was,

''This is the danger you are going to face, you broke the promise you gave to your father''

Mary felt like a helpless animal. She could not hold back from repenting. She was not even able to turn back, she had came a long distance. Mary closed her eyes and started thinking for a while.

''Now I can't turn back, I've come a long way. I have to keep this going.''

End of the Game.

Mary must face this danger. She should have thought more before she did this but she's too late now.

A wind blew through her house, she was shivering against the coldness. But it was the summer time. Surprisingly, she looked around the house, and all the furniture in the house was covered in ice. She felt someone was in her house. Again she looked around. It was a ghost !

It was completely a black shadow.

Still Mary was placing her finger on the coin. As soon as she saw that black shadow she took her finger off from the coin.

Although Mary didn't know it was the last minutes of her life.

It was hard for her even to breath because of the fear. She felt like someone trapping her.

Within a second the black shadow came to her. And it killed Mary within a sharpened weapon that is totally black and it looked also like a shadow.

What a sin, her foolish deeds ruined her life.


Few days passed, Mary's work place was missing her. Her cousin was expecting a call from her but his expectation was ruined. Mary's cousin received a sad phone call. It was about her death. Mary's cousin, Jack started crying as if he was a child.

Jack had to went to Mary's home to accept the corpse. It was hard to breath because of the bad smell.

When Jack went there he saw an unknown woman. Though he wanted to know about her he was busy with the police investigations.

After jack's works about Mary's body, he asked neighbors the woman they told that she is a witch. Jack identified her, he had heard about her in his childhood. Though he knew she is the person who is responsible for Mary's death jack went away. Because he knew that everyone who met her would die mysteriously. And also Jack new that her name is Morgan.

A word.

This story is completely a fiction from me and I'm creating a story for the first time. Horror is one of the topics which I'm interested in. So hope you will like it. If you see any errors, please let me know and don't hesitate to comment them. I'm willing to correct my mistakes and improve.

God Bless !

Stay safe !


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