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The Uncontrollable America

Updated on July 18, 2017

I see America fighting,

I hear America yelling,

The various octaves and bruises leave marks on all around

Republicans argue on now it should be while their ideas never pass

The homeless count their quarters and dimes

While single parents try to find time

The rape victims have become erased and try to be found

People aren't allowed to see their family just because of where they're from even when homeward bound

The LGBT community try to get rights and recognition

But they fight amongst themselves by shutting each other out

People stay silent,

But they want to be heard aloud

Ethnicities are made into labels and personalities are erased

Only violence surrounds diversity

Each scream in this fight is unique and belongs to only one

No one is the same

Not while screaming in a march with signs and heavy hearts

America was never theirs

And it will never be with the promises that became empty


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