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The United States Of A-Mannequin.

Updated on January 2, 2010


The United States of A-mannequin.



.    .



I have a mask of indifference
I seldom wear anymore
it doesn't matter to me
what my expressions reveal
when all around me so many
have chosen to don
thier own masks of indifference
to my true face exposed
_ _
Out in public, the public
act in ways much more private
assuming mannequin states
eyes ignoring the masses
faces carefully bland
conversations discouraged
no one dares break the ice
that has frozen each visage
in group portraits of mimes.
0 0
But I find it amusing
trying to catch someones eye
and then cracking a smile
hoping to break the masks
that they huddle behind
but so often what's broken
is eye contact...heads lower
while facades are adjusted
to indifference once more.


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