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The Unsung Melodies of My Heart

Updated on December 19, 2012

Prologue to "The Unsung Melodies of My Heart"

How well do you know someone whom you may say is closer at heart to you? Someone who lives with you in the same house or work environment and shares food, drink and just about everything with you? Do you know what it is behind the beautiful smile this person gives you every day? Do you have a slightest clue of the agony and pain this person may be going through in life? Or, you may ask yourself, “Do I tell my closest friends all my deepest secrets and greatest fears? “ “Do my friends know what I am going through?” These are questions that we ask ourselves as we tread along this interesting life. Well, certainly people are different. Some like to share their problems with friends and relatives and seek help from them. Others rather keep their problems to themselves and try work out the best solutions though terribly painful.

The “Unsung melodies of my heart” unfolds and reflects the painful realities of life many women in developing countries today face. In a country like Papua New Guinea complex traditions and cultures discriminately grant men the power to overrule the women allowing cruelty at its best. Women feel powerless and cheated of their strengths to fight for their rights even through the legal system. They pathetically live sorry lives under the cruelty of such societies where men believe lustful greed is their traditionally accepted nature where women under no circumstances should question. Homes become havens of wife bashing, knife slashing, fist punching, boot kicking, nose bleeding and countless, countless indescribable cruelties. Ruthless physical tortures and emotional torments are forced upon many women simply because men desire to satisfy their lustful greed.

Many women live to tell their sad stories. Others bravely escape from the cruelty by starting new lives. Others end up behind bars because of taking the law into their own hands as the legal system always decides. Sadly, others lose their lives in the cruel battle. While others are haunted by the ill-fated experiences and left deprived of their strength and courage to move on and lead a new life deteriorating miserably with the pain. Chronologically recorded here is one unfortunate woman’s quiet agony and misery, who felt deprived of all happiness and self-worth through men’s desire for lustful greed. In fear of friends and relatives knowing the pain unnecessarily forced upon her, the difficult moments were jotted down secretively. Nothing was said to anyone, not even to a closest friend, or a relative about the hardships faced. Not a slightest noise was made about the lustful truth and still it is today. Secretiveness and silence were essential to protect the love which she desired most and for which swore to live with until the grave. Yet, the degree of pain brought upon by this love was terribly unbearable the longer she tried to live with it prayerfully. Knowing she would lose her life just like many other unfortunate women she made the toughest decision to pack this love up with her own hands and throw it out of her life after ten years of living with it. It regretfully resulted in a painful separation. The painful experiences were so difficult to describe openly to anyone except that they were momentarily jotted down. Only here the author found peace and courage to see each new day. It goes on to unfold the unfortunate relationships that one way or another helped her to forget the pain and the misery of her separation from her husband. It describes how much she longed for these new loves and how they all ended and her quiet prayers for strength to live.

“Unsung melodies of my heart” shares many sad, loveless, uncertain and painful moments. Knowing that no man in this world would understand the pain and hear the silent cries, there were moments of prayers to the Almighty God. After more than twenty years of silently singing the painful melodies to herself, the author decides to sing the melodies of her heart aloud for the world to hear. Especially to those many women who like her are singing the same kind of melodies as her.

This was the prayer for strength to live through the painful years:

Because of your love Lord Jesus, I saw yesterday

Because of your love Lord Jesus, I can see today

Because of your love Lord Jesus, I will see tomorrow”.


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