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The Untitles

Updated on July 14, 2013

Untitled 2


comes together

as I sit, separated

by the miles of life

that lead us



Untitled 1

All it took

was a smile,

a look across an empty bar

to fall

and topple

into the glory

of your attention.

All it took

was a moment

as you looked away

with flattened lips

to realize you didn’t care.


Untitled 4

Today you spoke

to me through a crisp breeze

which originated

from nowhere

and gusted truth

into closed ears.

My eardrums echoed

paradise can be


and even you

feel sorrow

under a hot sun.

I reached for your voice

and felt pollen drift

through my fingers

as you faded

over the unseen



Untitled 3

Open eyes and hearts

gathered along fiberglass doors,

embraced with luggage and kisses

that consume—

people, leaving so close.

Blood shot eyes and

dragging suitcases, coats

and glances thrown in

hurried dismay toward

feigned familiar faces

wearing cracked smiles—

returning, departed.


The Pacific 2013

Art at the Biennale in Santa Cruz Bolivia by Sonia Falcone

Untitled 5


the evening dressed your skin with

a smell of you that permeates my dreams—

I wake and feel your arms

resting across me.

Your smile infests this night;

clouding my thoughts as smoke,

rising from wet logs

under a mist

of bad decisions.

Your ghost sticks to my clothes

with a stench of apprehension. And

by passing no judgment upon you,

I’ve passed the entire weight of choice

to you.


A Summer Solstice

For You

Silence sits, waiting

as it tastes the sweat from your body,

holding tightly under a moon trapped outside your window.

Because silence caresses you like

a cool wind against its face,

carries the scent of you across the ends of earth.

You cannot hide from silence

as it is a ghost

drifting among wild ancient hills and

dust ridden desert cities

waiting for you.

It arrives as a demon

pecking your shoulder,

laughing as you slam creaking shutters

violently against its visionless strength.

For silence sees you in a light

of a sun no longer afraid

to let the Fates bless you,

bless you with years of smiles—

holding you with a golden passion

as guiltless and free as the wind—

So forgive me for seeing such promise

dancing in my eyes as I examine your

every word. I only mean to cup your heart

in gentle hands and contrive

thought to feel your gaze.


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