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Unwanted Gift : ( Part 5) Coming Home

Updated on September 6, 2015
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Jo has been an ITU nurse at the London North West NHS Trust for 14 years. She obtained her RN at University College London Hospital.


The Unwanted Gift: (Part 5) An Encounter at Betty’s

The red Porsche 911 weaved its way steadily along the coastal road towards Home farm, but the driver appeared reluctant to get to his destination.

Richard was not looking forward to this homecoming, his mother was ill and although she would never complain, she suffered terribly from rheumatoid arthritis for many years. However, recently the condition had worsened and she could no longer hide the debilitating pain that seared through every joint in her body.

Richard's father now divided his time between managing the farm and caring for his wife. He was also experiencing a degree of ill health, but while he found this annoying, he simply saw it as the natural process of growing old.

The old man was determined that Richard should start acting his age and take over the responsibility of running the farm. Richard's mind was on Connie, he was busy making other plans.

Richard had no idea what he would say to his father, as he cruises along in the Porsche, holding back on the gas accelerator, even as the powerful engine begs to let reap. Instead, he reached into the glove compartment, withdrew a pack of Camel, extracted a cigarette and placed the slim white stick between his lips and lit it. He inhaled deeply before removing the cigarette from his mouth. He held the object with a feeling of ambivalence for a moment, he looked at it with disgust, opened the car window and threw the offending object out. "Disgusting habit," he muttered to himself.

Through the open window came a welcome rush of cold sea breeze that blew across Richard's face and through the thick mass of hair, he felt momentarily rejuvenated, the cold air helped to blow the cobwebs away, but his heart and mind remained in London.

He wondered what Constance was doing right at that moment, he hoped she was missing him as much as he was missing her.

Richard thought about the day two months ago when he brought Connie to York. They were only together for about a month, but he knew she was his soul mate, he wanted her to know everything about him; he wanted her to see his York, he needed to experience the magic of this place once more, but this time, through her eyes.

He was as excited as a Puppy, taking Connie by the hand, he showed her all the special places he loved as a young boy growing up in this City with so much history.

Richard and his best pal Tom would often pack their sandwiches and flasks of strong sweet Yorkshire tea, get on their bicycle and go roaming.

After cycling into the city and beyond the wall, the two boys would sneak into the cathedral to explore the impressive magical kingdom that was York Minster, their very own fantasy land. They'd climb the spiral staircase to the large main tower at the top. From here; the boys could see for miles around, on a clear day, they could see as far as Selby, the neighbouring town.

Richard’s father told him many stories about his own childhood adventures into the cathedral, a time when the remarkable view could be had for the price of a penny.

Richard remembered walking along the river Ouse with Tom, after a heavy downpour the river would groan as it expanded at the seams, ready to burst its bank. The local folks knew well, not to park their cars in the adjoining car park at particular time of the year, but tourists who visited York, were ignorant of this fact and would often ignore the signs. The boys would sit and wait patiently, they would roar with laughter as the cars were washed into the river and floated merrily downstream. The look of consternation on the faces of the visitors returning to find that their vehicles had disappeared would set the boys off again.

After tea and sandwiches in the park, the awesome twosome would race along the medieval city wall, happy being a bloody nuisance to the many visitors.

When Richard brought Connie to York, he did not visit the farm or his parents, although he knew that should his father discover his callousness he would be understandably disappointed in his son. But hey... what's one more disappointment? Richard thought that whatever he did would be wrong, as far as his dad was concerned. And that he could never get it right anyway, so why even try?

Richard's little sister was the perfect child, but maybe he shouldn't go there.

His mind went back to Connie, How she loved York! The loved-up couple stayed at the Grange hotel, less than 10 minutes stroll from York Minster, they enjoyed the short stay and really getting to know each other. The large four poster bed most probably never saw so much action. Richard and Connie loved the time spent relaxing in front of the open fire with a bottle of red wine, as they gazed into the flame, it seemed to spread into their very souls.

They had spent the morning doing the touristy things and for him a lot of reminiscing. After lunch, the couple made their way back to the hotel.

Richard was feeling sexy and romantic, he took Connie’s hand as they entered the hotel and he pulled her close. The couple embraced in a long searching lingering kiss, they were both charged and excited.

“ Oh baby, I don’t think I can hold it until we get to the bedroom.” Richard giggled, placing small butterfly kisses on the sensuous lips, a nibble at the earlobe and into the valley of promises. He felt her softness rise and fall with every breath, as Connie moved closer to him, yielding to the touch of his lips on her skin.

He inhaled deeply, savoring the taste and smell of the very essence of her. He held her tight, she clung to him repeating his name over and over. His lips could not get enough of her, he needed to possess every inch of her hot body as she presses herself closer to him. Richard placed his face between the ample cleavage and moaned loudly. Connie laughed and bit his lip as they kissed, the sharp pain excited him. He looked deep into her eyes and felt drawn into the dark pools as they contracted and dilated. “ So.. come on tiger, what did your mama tell you about keeping a woman waiting?” Connie teased as she grabbed hold of his hand. The couple hurried to the bedroom.

Lips locked in a passionate kiss as Richard fumbled to open the door." Damn it," he shouted and tried once more to open the stubborn lock, the door suddenly flew open and the randy pair fell to the floor. Richard kicked the door shut, but it would be a while before they would get to the large four poster bed.

Hours later Richard walked out of the bathroom, freshly showered and partially dressed, he was tucking his blue silk shirt into dark navy trousers, Connie, looked at him drowsily, still in a post-coital daze. “ Going somewhere?” she yawned, purring like a languid cat. “Yeah!” Richard replied. “I err… got a bit of business I need to take care of while I’m up here; you don’t mind, do you, babes?” Connie rolled over hugging her pillow, she pulled the bed cover over her long sensuous ebony legs. “ Naw.., you go, sweetie, I’m going to have a long, luxurious soak with Dan Brown, see you later.” Richard kissed her already sore lips hard. “Won’t be long babes, keep it warm for me.” He shouted as he left the room, closing the door behind him.

Richard’s meeting was with the bookie known locally as Micky Fingers, everyone knew about Micky, except maybe his dear old mum, when Micky's punters fell behind with the repayment of their debts, they invariably ended up with a broken finger or two with the promise of more to follow if the money was not paid promptly. Fingers was not the type of man one would want to mess with, but Richard thought, since he was in York, it would be such a shame if he did not place a few quid on the gee gees, when he take Connie to York racecourse the next day, he needed a stake and Fingers was just the man.

The unlikely pair met at Betty’s tea room where the money changed hands. Richard and Micky chatted amicably for an hour over a nice pot of tea, accompanied by an assortment of delicate little sandwiches and tea cakes for which Betty’s is famous.

As Richard took his leave of Fingers and headed for the door, he literally ran into one of two young ladies entering the tea room, he knelt down to help the young woman retrieve a pile of books which he had inadvertently knocked to the floor, he looked up at her, apologising effusively, but the words dried up on his lips and the handsome face cracked into a wide generous grin as he gazed into a pair of dark hunting eyes.

“Richard?” Poppy inquired with a quizzical smile on her beautiful face, “I’ll be damned, if it isn’t little Poppy,” said Richard, “ phew..he whistled between his teeth, "not so little any more, by Jove; you've certainly filled out in all the right placed” the pair hugged, Poppy now flustered and lost for words, turned back to her friend, introducing her to Richard, as he shook her hand, the young woman made her excuses and prepare to leave, she reminded Poppy to call soon, Margaret left the pair to do some catching up. Richard and Poppy sat down.

“I didn’t know you were home Rich, I saw your dad this morning, he never mentioned you were coming home?” Richard looking rather shamed faced, leaned over towards Poppy and Whispered in her ear, “he doesn’t know I’m here, and I need you to keep this between us,” Poppy didn’t understand, “but of course, if that is what you want” she said, even more confused. Richard decided to explain, and told her about Connie.

At the mention of Connie, the colour visible drained from Poppy’s face, she thought she was going to faint but when she looked at Richard, he seemed so very happy, happier than she had ever seen him before, at that moment she knew she would always love him, but for now her feelings had to take a back seat.


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      Jo Alexis-Hagues 6 years ago from Bedfordshire, U.K

      Thank you Deborah, so glad you loved it, much appreciated, have a great day.

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      Deborah Brooks Langford 6 years ago from Brownsville,TX


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