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The Villager

Updated on November 16, 2011

The Villager

There was a village

Good in soul

Evil had not a presence

And there was food in every bowl

One day there was a cloud

In the form of a man

He said come my friends

Come and take my hand

“Fools!” exclaimed one villager

“Can’t you sense our fears?

Soon there will be pain

Soon you will shed your tears”

The man looked at the people

Then he smiled

“You are not the fools

Come hither my child”

They followed in awe

Like moths to a light

But that one villager knew

Its just not right

Years past

Days became dark

The mans once calm voice

Now an evil bark

The once blue sky

Now ugly and brown

And the once happy villagers

Now slaves of the town

The once nice man

Now sits on a throne

That the will of evil build

Each person, now a drone

One day there was a bang

“Get the door” yelled the New King

It was the Villager in armor

And on his hand, a gold ring

He walked to the throne stern

“I remember you the king did bark”

“yes and I have returned

You have made my home dark”

“I want you to leave

You are not my King

Get out of our village

So that good again can sing”

The King looks and laughs

And gave the villager a stare

Summoned his guards

Then arose from his chair

Guards surround the villager

They point weapons that glisten

“Back off” the villager yells

But Im afraid they did not listen

Drawling his sword

It was a quick fight

“You should have backed off

Now you walk to the light”

The villager stepped forward

Stepping over the dead

Wiping off his sword he yelled

“Now I want your head”

“Come and get it foolish mortal

Ill make you bow before your new King

You cant kill me

Not without the golden ring”

The villager now in an eye lock

With evil glaring back

The King drawls his black sword

Ready for the attack

The King jumps and screams

Swinging his steel

Eyes glowing red

Ready for the kill

Theres a swing and a block

And clang and a ding

And the King soon realizes

The villager is more than he seems

Soon the King becomes to much

The villager going weak

The King enjoying the moment

The villagers future looked bleak

A window pops open

In comes a beam of light

It shines over the tops of them

Following the fight

Its a glisten from the villagers hand

It seems to speak

Showing the King

The villager isn’t so weak

“You do have the ring!

The ring of the Lord”

While the King was startled

He knocked out the Kings sword

The King amazed

Having never been in defeat

Begged for his life

Bowing to the villagers feet

“I vowed to kill

To make you dead

I promised the people

I would take your head”

With a swing of the sword

The sky turned blue

Freedom restored

And a hero anew

With the happiness again

There is a lesson to be said

Always trust in good

Or your decision you may dread


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    • Just History profile image

      Just History 6 years ago from England

      WOW! This was really good- thank you for sharing this with the hub community

    • instantlyfamily profile image

      instantlyfamily 6 years ago

      You have talent with words. I look forward to reading more of your work. Well done!