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The Voice - Part 13

Updated on July 12, 2016
The Dark Secret of the Woods
The Dark Secret of the Woods | Source

From Part 12

“Now back to your suggestion to bring him for questioning. You see, it would do no good. He doesn’t remember anything of the other world.” So aren’t you going to ask what is the solution?”

“Okay, okay, Marx. What is the solution?”

“I need to enter the portal with him and observe.”

“Absolutely not! Bobby, even if your theory was correct, there are too many problems with it. For one thing, The Underground Wall article – what if you don’t retrace your steps correctly. You could be lost in the past forever. For another, you yourself said Peter isn’t able to remember what he experiences. Even if you do come back, you’d have no memory. I may get on you from time to time, but I’m not about to lose a top officer to a time machine.”

Feeling proud of the compliment Bobby returned, “It’s a time portal, chief.”

“But I do agree if indeed that is what Peter is doing, we need to find out. So again, what’s the solution?”

“Here, check out this article.” It explains how these microphones work in an electro-magnetic field. You’ll have to wire me. I’ll be able to communicate to you what’s happening in the past in real time – if that makes sense. Also, while I’m in the past, you will have to keep reminding me of my mission. When I’m in the past I won’t be aware of you or what’s happening in your present. I’ll only know the past as my present. Chief, believe me, I know it’s confusing. Are you sure you understand this?”

“I think so, but you’re still not going through the portal. Hold on just a minute.”

Chief Gordon reached for the phone and dialed Lance’s extension. “Lance, Marx has some information on the McClanahan case. I’m sending him over to discuss it with you. Let me know what you think.”

Bobby headed down to Lance’s cubicle. He shared all the details of his extensive research, but Lance was unmoved. Bobby looked sincerely into Lance’s face and asked, “Do you have anything better to go on?”

Detective Paul Hayes
Detective Paul Hayes | Source


The phone rang in Lance’s office. Detective Paul Hayes was calling from Topeka. “Lance, do you have some time to talk? Things are pretty sticky here in Kansas. I’m referring to Roger McClanahan.”

“Sure, Paul. What’s happening?”

“We’ve been keeping an eye on McClanahan. I’m afraid I owe you an apology. He might be our man. On at least three occasions, he has been seen breaking into an old, abandoned house in the south side of town. No one lives there, but it’s still illegal. We went back and checked airline records. It seems that at least on three of the dates your murders took place he booked flights to Lafayette. He hasn’t been truthful with you. He’s been to Lafayette several times in the past year.

“We don’t have enough on him to arrest him. We need your help. He’s booked a flight for Lafayette at the end of the month. Can you follow up on your end, and let me know what he’s up to?”

“Sure, I’m at your service, but if he’s breaking and entering, why don’t you just arrest him and take in for questioning?”


“Lance, this is going to sound crazy. I hope you realize I really am a level-headed cop, but here goes. We were tipped off about the break-ins, and began a stake out of the house. We witnessed McClanahan entering the house, but he never came out. We continued surveillance on him. The same thing happened again. The next time we had almost the entire police force watching. Immediately after he entered they encircled the house, and I went in. Lance, he just wasn’t there. A half-hour later, he was home.

“We brainstormed the situation. The only thing we can come up with is that he entered a time portal. I know that sounds unbelievable.”

“No, that doesn’t sound unbelievable at all.” Lance began to think twice about what Bobby shared. “Nope, not at all. Give me his flight information and I’ll follow him to see what’s going on – oh, and thanks for the tip.”

Lance questioned in his mind if he should share this information with Margie. What would she think? Could it be that Roger was the killer after all? Could it be that Peter’s telepathy leads him to try to rescue his uncle before he commits another murder? Maybe after all these years the pieces to the puzzle were beginning to fit together. Lance was hopeful.

He kept Chief and Bobby up to date with the developments, but chose to wait before involving Margie. Sensing a break in the case was near, he didn’t want to jeopardize the outcome by including those so close to the matter.

Lance was doing some of his own brainstorming with Chief Gordon and Bobby. He had very carefully gone over the notes provided by Bobby and decided there might indeed be something to Bobby’s conclusion.

Rain was forecast for early evening. The plan was for rookie officer Christopher Shields to watch the McClanahan house and follow Peter from a distance should he try to make the trip to Medford Alley. Lance would park his vehicle on Jackson Street where he would be able to have a perfect view of the alley. Bobby would watch the other end of the alley. This was a view that had yet to be seen. This was to be a mission of observance. No action was to be taken. The plans were finalized and the men waited for the rain.

Peter’s conscience was bothering him. “Mom, I need to talk to you.”

“Sure, have a seat. What’s up?”

“Mom, you taught me to always be honest with you. I haven’t been. The other day when I told you I was going to Steve’s – well, I went to his house, but not to see him. I retraced my steps from his house to Medford Alley. I was hoping for a breakthrough.”

“You did what?” Margie interrupted.

“Mom, I have to find out what happened that night. I thought maybe if I followed my steps of that night I might remember something.”

“Peter, you can’t do that. It’s too dangerous. You have no idea of the trauma that could cause. It happened once. Just let it alone. We’ll probably never find the answers. It’s not worth it. Why didn’t you tell me?”

“Because I knew this is how you’d react. Mom, I’m not fifteen anymore. I’m a grown man. You treat me like a child. I need to make my own decisions. I need to decide what’s right for me. With the exception of Steve, most people my age are married, have a family, and a good job. Mom, please!”

“Oh, Peter. I’m so sorry. I didn’t realize what . . .”

“Mom it’s okay, but like I said I need to make my own decisions. My decision is this. I need to retrace my steps in the rain.” Peter raised a finger – “Mom, just listen. From the moment I left Steve’s front porch until I got to Medford Alley it seemed like I was literally reliving the experience. It was terrible. I could see what I saw then. I could feel what I felt then. When I arrived at the alley, reality came back. The sky was blue. All my senses were brought back to the present.

“I know the alley holds the secret. The Voice tells me so. But Mom, I was terrified. It’s supposed to rain tonight. My decision is I have to make the trip in the rain, but my decision also is that I need you to go with me. Mom, we have to do this.”

“Okay. We’ll do this together.”


Officer Shields turned on to Dawson Street and parked a few houses down from the McClanahan residence. Lance and Bobby took their positions – and waited. Shields checked the time. It was 7:18. The evening rain began. He checked the time again. Eleven minutes had passed. A few minutes later Peter exited the house. The time was now 7:33, and Peter was on the run.

Christopher began to call in to let Lance know that Peter was moving, but stopped mid-dial. Peter was waiting at the end of the driveway while Margie locked the door. The glisten of the rain in the street lights sent an eerie glow around every object in sight as fog began to move in.

“Fisher, Shields here. We have an unexpected problem. Peter and his mother are leaving together. What would you advise?”

“Oh boy, I don’t need this. Okay. Look, stay with them. Don’t let them know you’re following them. Keep me abreast of their location. I’ll let Bobby know.”

“Bobby, I just heard from Chris. Peter’s on the move. You think Peter has no recollection of the time portal, right?” You think what drives him is the insistence of The Voice?”

“Right, when he enters the portal he is living in the past. He has no knowledge of the present because he hasn’t lived it yet – technically. On the other hand when he comes back into the present all he remembers is what he knows now in the present. He can’t be in the past and the present at the same time. The past can’t be changed and the present is going to be what it’s going to be.”

“Okay, fill me in again on what part you think The Voice plays in all of this.”

“From what I’ve been able to determine, The Voice represents Peter’s subconscious being. His subconscious is driving him to find the answers by directing him to the secret at Medford Alley. There is something that happened in the alley that Peter’s subconscious mind remembers, and it surfaces as The Voice directing him to find the answers he consciously seeks for.”

“Okay. Then will you explain why Margie is with him? – or did you forget to tell me that part.”

“Margie’s with him? No, he was always alone before.” What’s plan B?”

“There is no plan B. We hold our position until we hear from Shields. He’s following them. We’ll see where they go. Stay where you’re at until you hear different.”

A short time later Christopher was once again in contact with Lance. “Wow, Lance. They really took the long way around, but they just turned on to Jackson. Are you guys in position, and are you sure Margie won’t recognize you?”

“Things are cool on this end. I see them coming down the street now. I’ll let Bobby know. You stay behind them in case they have different plans.”

Peter and Margie stood at the intersection of Jackson and Medford Alley. They stared down the alley through a steady stream of rain. Peter noticed the splashing of the puddles around his ankles. He spoke first. “Mom, from here I have to go alone. That’s how it was on that night. That’s how it has to be tonight.” He took two steps.

Peter looked back at his mother. He turned to take another step. He was gone.

Margie was hysterical. She took one step toward the portal. Lance yelled from across the street, “Margie, stop!”

Peter’s disappearance and Lance’s urgent call caused Margie to collapse in the street. Lance and the men ran to her as rapidly as they could, and Lance was quick to take charge. “Bobby, take the rookie and get the vehicle over here ASAP.”

Within minutes Margie was carefully placed in the back of Bobby’s car. “Heading for the hospital, Boss?” Bobby asked. Just then Margie began to show signs of recovery. Slowly at first, then . . . “Where’s Peter? What’s happened to Peter?”

“Margie, calm down. Everything’s okay.” Lance tried his best to reassure her.

“You’re not taking me to the hospital. We’ve got to find Peter!”

“Margie, it’s okay. I can explain. Let’s get you back to the house.”

On the way back, Margie sat shivering. She wasn’t feeling well at all. Lance was able to calm her enough to wait until they got inside. Then he would explain. Bobby jerked the car into the driveway. Now Margie was really feeling sick.

“Want something cold, or something hot to drink, Marge?”

“Nothing, Lance. Just tell me what’s happened to Peter.”

“Okay . . . Okay, but first you need to promise never to repeat this to anyone. This is part of an official ongoing investigation. If you slip up – even once, it can blow the whole case. It can get me fired.”

“To be perfectly honest with you Detective, your job security is the least of my worries right now. WHERE’S MY SON?!”

© 2016 William Kovacic


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