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The Voice of Truth, Revelation, and Enlightenment - David Khair Allah

Updated on March 23, 2020
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I like to read and write in the English language on topics such as society, politics, business, education, sports, and worldly issues.

With the departure of David Khairallah, the Arab community in America and many academic and media institutions lost a prominent lecturer, writer and lawyer, always known for his defense of Arab causes, the rights of citizens in Lebanon and the Arab countries, and his great intellectual and political giving to the Palestinian cause and the right of resistance against the Israeli occupation. Despite the threats, he was a loud voice defending the heart of Washington for the rights of the Palestinian people against the plans of the American-Zionist coalition.

David Khairallah was a stubborn advocate of truth, justice and human dignity everywhere. He was a champion of global humanitarian issues, a loud voice in the face of all persecution and usurpation of rights, a fierce fighter against corruption and tyranny, and advocating the rule of law, integrity and integrity in the management of governance throughout the Arab world. It was a sword of the swords of truth and reason in the face of everyone who considered it invalid and backward in our Arab lives.

With his departure, Lebanon is losing one of its brightest flags in the international arena, which is the expert and researcher, and one of the pillars of law and justice in the world. He was a symbol in confronting the sectarian system in Lebanon, its political class, and fighting corruption. He believed in the truth, built on the basis of the concept of justice, and sided with transparent professional standards in the case of the assassination of Prime Minister Hariri, and rejected all practices that produced a distorted court doubtful of its procedures, and the ruling expected to be pronounced by the first-class chamber early next April, a political ruling with distinction for a reason. In the procedures and standards adopted in the room and the court! (See the framework for his opinion on the International Court).

In his books, media appearances and lectures, the late made intellectual and legal contributions that helped to elaborate concepts of democracy and the rule of law in the Arab world. He was distinguished by his irrefutable argument in defense of national issues, the most important of which are: the resistance of the Zionist project and al-Qaeda ISIS terrorism. The late personified the living interaction between authenticity and globalization, as he is the son of a Lebanese family rooted in patriotism and struggle, and he inherited from it originality, and from his town Bhamdoun acquired the love of heritage and the solidity of the mountain. He also learned in America rational scientific awareness. Therefore, his thinking was based on the idea that politics should be based on morality, not just on pragmatism. Hence his war on corruption, which remained his main concern throughout his life.

His personality consisted of two pillars: the village life in Bhamdoun, in which he cultivated deep-rooted societal and cultural values, a solid sense of the values ​​of justice and an established ability to face challenges with uncompromising flexibility. As for the effect that America has left, it is the adoption of realistic, pragmatic approaches. His approach was reflected in human participatory politics, refusal to surrender and passivity, as well as his conviction that political change must come through rational and legal action.

He believed in a national identity based on justice and rejecting isolationism, which disintegrates society and hinders state building

From an evolving intellectual vision, the work prevailed over theorizing, and his life was a struggle for implementation and embodiment. He did not tire and tired of giving lectures, flattering articles and publishing them in newspapers and magazines. He had interventions on many international, Arab and Lebanese television screens, especially on the issue of corruption in governance and the importance of honest government.

The cornerstone of his thinking is a national identity based on justice and respect for human rights. On this basis, he rejected partial loyalties and isolationist currents, and movements based on ethnic and racial tendencies that disintegrate the unity of society and hinder the building of the national state.

And last but not least, the man was an avid reader to keep pace with global developments and cultural and intellectual production, in the world and the Arab world. He was also a lover of Arab poetry and literature, preserving the heritage of poems and verses, and he enjoyed the talent of performing in his councils. He used to create culture-saturated climates at his table, and he savored the good bite, especially from the Lebanese municipal cuisine. We lost the man of law who witnessed the truth, and the committed intellectual who loved life through its popular manifestations until the Dabke dance, and he enjoyed intellectual dialogue, exchange of knowledge and the struggle to achieve ideals and principles.

This content is accurate and true to the best of the author’s knowledge and is not meant to substitute for formal and individualized advice from a qualified professional.

© 2020 Hafiz Muhammad Adnan


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