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The War Of The Green Lanterns

Updated on October 4, 2011

I love cosmic comics!

Well, I have to say that I haven't been looking forward to "The War of The Green Lanterns" with as much anticipation as I had been looking forward to "Blackest Night". Probably because of how disappointed I was with "Blackest Night", but don't get me wrong, I think that for quite some time now we've been getting the best Green Lantern comic books ever.

Let me say that I just love cosmic space comics that read like a modern mythology burnt across the heavens but these sorts of comics, no matter how cool their initial conception, often fail to pull off the sweep and grandeur of truly universe shaking/shaping events. My standards are a bit twisted however in that, I think the hands down, all time best, space opera was Jim Starlin's battle between Adam Warlock, the Magus and Thanos back in the seventies. If you like space opera and haven't read it, I recommend "Marvel Masterworks: Warlock Volume Two". Marvel's Masterworks publications are awfully pricey but if you've got the disposable income, this one's worth reading. In any event, I tend to want my cosmic drama's to be as good as this.

As I said, I think Green Lantern has been awfully good lately but I think for awhile it got Great with the "Sinestro Corp War" which was just brilliantly executed by Geoff Johns, Dave Gibbons and Ivan Reis. The subsequent rise of the other various lantern corps was brilliant and took an interesting silver age mythos and built it into something truly unique and spectacular.

But, then came "Blackest Night". Don't get me wrong, I enjoyed the major story points of "Blackest Night". It all followed perfectly from what had gone before and there were moments of brilliance, not the least of which were the re-imagining of Black Hand and Nekron, but, it lasted so long and all those points of light seemed to be completely drowned out by page after page of a seemingly infinite number of variously colored lanterns blasting at each other. There were also too many totally lack luster cross overs. Okay there were some really interesting ones, the Superman family cross overs were an interesting take that I hadn't seen coming, especially so soon after the death of Jonathan Kent but, for every bright spot like that there seemed to be a dozen re-runs of material I've seen dozens of times. How much more insight do we need into the grief of Dick Grayson or Donna Troy over the deaths of their loved ones?

So, I have to confess that I haven't really been looking forward to "The War of the Green Lanterns". All I've been anticipating is more endless pages of huge numbers of lanterns blasting at stuff. (For what it's worth I really like pages of spectacular renditions of armies of lanterns blasting at stuff, but, lanterns are soooooo powerful, they shouldn't be facing events or enemies that need so many of them so often.) But, now that we are three issues into the war, I am very much enjoying it. The re-imagination of Krona is glorious... this is the way he always should have been portrayed. The capture and utilization of the "entities" to corrupt the Corp and the Guardians is interesting and I'm hoping that our understanding of the entities and the Guardians will be expanded. Best of all... although we have gotten some great art of massive amounts of green lanterns blasting stuff, the focus seems to be on Hal, Guy, John and Kyle, de-powered... with impossible quests before them. The stuff of legend. All I can say as at this point, I'm really looking forward to the rest of the story and can't wait to see where it goes.

I have one question though, about the Guardians. These guys are billions of years old and have been successfully protecting the universe all that time, why is it that they always seem to be wrong about everything? I hear people ask the same questions about Jedi Masters in the Star Wars movies. It begins to seem like a cheep plot device to highlight the rebellious, independent streak in our heroes. That rebellious independent streak is really popular with adolescent boys and American men in general. But, story device or not, I'd like to see there be a really good reason in the story why these wise old creatures with nothing but good intentions got everything so wrong.


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    • FIS profile image

      FIS 6 years ago

      Hi Joawmeens,

      I agree... although a close second has to be when Hal, Guy, John and Kyle put on the rings from the other lantern corps for the first time and appear with the appropriate uniforms. I get the impression that this continuity will be surviving next months big DC reboot since one of the new titles is going to be a Red Lantern book. Although I guess I'd rather see a Star Sapphire book.

    • joawmeens profile image

      joawmeens 6 years ago from Hopewell, Ohio

      Great article. My favorite image in this series so far was when the Guardians were transformed by the other Entities, and they are mutated. That was amazing art.

      The last part comes out this week, I can't wait to write about it.

    • FIS profile image

      FIS 6 years ago

      Hi Iz,

      I am of divided mind when it comes to turning comics into movies. I'm a real fan boy and I love the comics. I love the the way their story lines and characters evolve and grow and the way they stay (for the most part) self consistent within their little universes, kind of like soap operas for boys ha ha ha. Movies can disrupt that. If a director or writer decides to change something dramatically, which often makes sense for the movie, the comic book publishers often feel the need to change the same things in the books so that new fans brought in by the movies won't be confused and I think most of us fan boys hate when then happens. Although, as I've gotten older I've minded that less and less if the movie captures the spirit of comic book. (The two best, in my opinion, are the first two Christopher Reeve Superman movies and the Toby McGuire Spider-Man movies which catch the spirits of the comics dead on.)

      On the other hand, movies can do a lot of good for the comic books. Marvel Comics was going through bankruptcy and the movies made it profitable again. The TV show Batman in the sixties totally disrespected the comics but introduced the character Barbara Gorden/Batgirl, who was then put into the comics. Batgirl was not that interesting back then but Barbara Gorden as Oracle has evolved into one of the great comic book characters so, some good came out of it.

      All in all... I just take the movies as movies and if they're good... I enjoy them. Unfortunately, this year is going to be one of the great years for comic book movies and I'm unemployed so I can't really afford to go see them. My wife took me to Thor for our anniversary and I loved that. I have a few nit picky fan boy complaints but as a stand alone movie featuring several of my favorite characters, I loved it. At present it looks like I can't afford to go see Green Lantern or the new X-Men flicks. I hope I have a job by the time Captain America comes out because that, along with Thor, the Hulk and the Iron Man movies ties into the coming Avengers movie (directed by Joss Wheden who did the Buffy the Vampire Slayer TV series which I loved.) and the Avengers is my favorite group of comics since I was a wee one in the 1960's.

      I did recently see a borrowed copy of the DVD for the Green Hornet and I have lots to say on it but will probably write a review of it eventually, if it's on Hub Pages you'll know, but I'll post a link here if I do it on my blog or web site.

      Thanks for your comments.


    • izettl profile image

      Laura Izett 6 years ago from The Great Northwest

      I will admit I understand about half of what you were talking about on this hub, but I am fascinated by science fiction and comic book heroes. I am excite to watch the Green Lantern movie, and not just because it has one of my fave male actors in it- Ryan Reynolds. What are your thoughts on the translation of the comic books into a movie? i just saw The Green Hornet and I was little disappointed- it seems he was a loser and really Kato shouldn't have been the sidekick.