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"The Way It Is"

Updated on November 21, 2012
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Oscar has been a lifelong student of human relations, with ongoing reads on positive approach to life and self helps.

Tell me friend,

Why life is this way.

Look my way a time or two,

And tell me,

Am I doing it right?

Smile if its good,

Frown if its bad,

But let me know

What you think I am.

I’m wondering what you think,

But change me

you’ll probably not.

I’m made, I’m formed;

I’m built like a board,

With mis-shapen knots;

You may like me, hate me,

Be enamored of me,

Or detest me,

But you’ll not ever change

My garrulous spots.

When I was made

I was perfect

For what I had to be,

Not like you,

Not like another,

But just like me, I became;

My friend, Life is just what it is;

I’ll make the best of it I can.


Summer of 1997


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