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The Way Truth Is...

Updated on April 24, 2013

The Way Truth Is...

The world of the humbled splattered twinkles in silence

The dark lanes of lost destiny cracked open luminescence

The doors made of shadows added shades of hued presence

The falling preys of winter thus spring back in all essence

The moonlit night met the gray morning without cadence

The glaring sun then eyed the pitch night to make amends

The dusts thus forgotten have gathered to nourish barrens

The very nature of nature has evolved into natural balance

The world that seemed at the verge of totaling into fallens

Have rediscovered the irony amid darkness and brilliance

As we conspire and aspire, and attempt to transpire thence

We still as yet fail to look over the dreaded, virtuous fence

That borders the joyous Green and the Gray in sweet laments

The merely Truth being the triumph of equipoise clearance

I hope We see the way it is and should be in quintessence

I wish We cross over the ‘mile high’ as the Soul enlightens


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