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The Man Who You Grew Up To Be This Jewels Precious Gem

Updated on May 16, 2017
Juliet Stewart profile image

Juliet Austin- is the Mother to three well rounded Children, the smartest most adorable little Boy calls her Grandma.

The Who you grew up to be

The middle Child of a Middle Child,

In you, I see is the- me, as I once was

Quiet, and shy at times taking your cue

Figuring out your Family dynamics where you fit in Life

I see you, the you that you are

The Man I know you are and will continue to be

Your sympathetic ways your ability to care

The kindhearted

I.Q. (Intelligence Quotient) one-fifty-two. Yes, Son, I'm keeping score

You could have gone to Princeton

Maybe Harvard even Yale

But you chose a difficult path, at seventeen

a patriot to the very core

A football playing Violinist

The keyboard, a sketch artist

A writer also your talent

The thing that sticks out in memory

The calming nature that is you

You took the time to play with a baby sister

when she needed you to tie a bow

To dress her dolls, yet it bothered you not

A good Father, and Husband I know you will one Day be

The Gentle

You think perhaps that I don't see

The you that I knew you would be

My middle Child but, I see more than you think I do

We two in this are connected, it's true

You give the world to those you love and ask nothing in return

You took your place as the keeper of peace between the two

never the limelight you eschewed

The quiet unassuming

As I watched you throughout the Years

The who you are is the who you should continue to embrace

Always giving ready to share

Middle Child you have your place

The Mediator

Your loving Kisses, your Artistic flair

That within us share, yours on canvas

And music to the ear

What defines you is what you enjoy

do not be afraid to follow your dreams

The path you seek is there my Son

We are late bloomers as it relates to careers

You and me everything all in good time

You are doing what you ought

You have your Mothers gift of Math

Algebra, Calculus, and Trigonometry too

They will serve you well in your current choice

Your honesty and integrity hold that dear

Do not in shadow stand, take your queue

You were born to sparkle

And to shine like the peridot you are a rarity

The love that within you I see

Is the character by which a good Man is defined

The best and most sought after qualities

Good Women too often cannot, to be quite frank, find

Written for my Middle Child, He will achieve his goals and his desires as long as he works towards them. Uncertainty is a part of Life but in order to achieve we must go after it. Take your place in Life middle Child of this middle Child you are indeed a very worthy catch. My love is unconditional, to the Moon and stars.

You are an unusually rare Gem.

Copyright clause: As it pertains to all written work Copyright Laws and plagiarism Laws applies cannot be copied or used in part or totality without giving credence to the Author as it stands under intellectual property laws.


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