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The Wishing Well: Part III

Updated on November 14, 2011

The Wishing Well: Part III

Once at the lab Max and Olivia went quickly to work. Olivia kept thinking about the passionate kiss she shared with Max. He was twenty years her senior at the very old age of 45 but she found herself thinking of him rather erotically. She tired to clear her mind but couldn’t.

The Guards had obtain a few living subjects which were currently sedated. Olivia placed one in the PET scanner. She injected him with a stimulant first. He awoke very angrily. Struggling against his restraints he looked up at Olivia and he said, “You look like an angel.”.

Olivia ignored what he said as she didn’t understand what an angel was and she assured the subject he would be alright. Max came over and looked at the subject in a rather bewildered fashion. But he feared saying anything as he didn’t want Olivia to have more questions about theology. He walked back to the Medicinal dispensing machine and typed in a code. He came back with a patch.

“What are you doing?” Olivia was very curious.

“I am giving him a medication which induces Euphoria it is an advanced form of the old street drug ecstasy but much more slow with less harmful side effects. Then we will put him in the PET scanner and see what parts of his brain are producing these emotions. When we know that we can recalibrate the Nano’s to go after that area of the brain. And that will limited his ability to access the parts of his brain that cause him the most excitable states.”.

“But he will still feel right?” Olivia recently required a new appreciation for tantalizing titillation. “What is the harm in keeping the intensity of his feelings?”

Max looked at her. “You know that emotions that are extreme in any sense bring disease, I’m saving this man’s life.” He put the patch on and pushed the button that sent the man into the PET scanner. They both went into the imagining room to review the brain scans. The scout film revealed brain cancer.

“Well that explains it.” Max said.

“He has Brain Cancer how rare. So we should probably asked him about the jumper.” Olivia said anxiously.

Max shook his head. “No we shouldn’t. Watch this.”. Max spoke into the microphone. “Who is you Father?”. Since the introduction of The Wishing Well Project parental importance diminished. Since all subjects were good role models it no longer was necessary for children to have parental role model. In effect parental units became antiquated. No one had a Mother or a Father any longer.

The man struggled as if suffering from expressive aphasia and then he said, “God, is my father.”

Olivia could not believe her ears and her hand touched Max’s hand. Max looked at Olivia and then to the imaging. “This is very fascinating. When he spoke of his Father those thoughts were coming from his higher cortical functions. All my previous research concluded that religious doctrine was a lower brain function. It was as basic as a person’s need for self preservation. The data was conclusive. We didn’t have any outliers well not until now.” He looked at Olivia and said kindly, “Can you start the autopsy on the jumper? I want to see if he was suffering from organic brain disease as well.”

Olivia soberly looked into Max’s eyes. “What about this subject? He has brain cancer.”

He smiled to assure her. “And he will never know of it. We will be able to eliminate the areas of his high cortical functions which are causing his heightened emotional states.”

“But that is not a cure for him.” Olivia insisted.

“No, but I have seen people who were end stage brain cancer patients live another ten years once we erased their fear, doubts...”

Olivia interrupted him and pulled her hand away. “And their belief in God.”.

Very frankly Max responded. “Yes, especially their delusions of God. They don’t need God. They become positive thinkers who wish themselves well and it is a viable therapy for people who are hopeless.” Max looked at the corpse in the other room. “Please go start the autopsy. I have to have a containment report into the Admiral tomorrow night.”.

Before Olivia left to start the autopsy she turned and judgmentally asked, “Aren’t you even going to inquire about the jumper? Isn't The Wishing Well Project there to protect the people from social diseases like suicide and crime?”

Again Max was very dry and frank. “The Wishing Well Program eliminates the social impact of crime and suicide and if you limit the impact so too do you eliminate the proliferation. Apathy to social disease has proven to be the best remedy to it. The Wishing Well Program subjects don’t care about the jumper nor do I as long as it is limited. So to answer your question, no. But I am extremely interested in that autopsy report.”


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    • JT Walters profile image

      JT Walters 6 years ago from Florida

      Hello Fitnezz Jim,

      I think if anything could be said about Max it is that he fears what he can't explain with Science and logic. I finished the series today.

      Thanks for reading, commenitng and providing feedback.


    • FitnezzJim profile image

      FitnezzJim 6 years ago from Fredericksburg, Virginia

      Its almost as if Max has no clue that purely cold logic without any emotion could be viewed as a disease also.

    • JT Walters profile image

      JT Walters 6 years ago from Florida


      Thank you and you are absolutely right. I am losing a lot of the finese, adverbs and adjectives and the story because I am reducing a novel into a a seven part short story series.

      I take it as a very high compliment from you that the writing is any good at all. I have read your hubs and you are an excellent writer.

      So thank you. I have finsihed the series but with your editing remarks I will endeavor to go back and revise the unpublished portions of this series consistent with your suggestions.

      Thank you so much for reading.


    • Shadesbreath profile image

      Shadesbreath 6 years ago from California

      The best stage of the tale yet. Very interesting, and I think the best writing of the three so far too, slowed down more, taking more time in the scene. Nicely done!