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The Woman On The Mountain Top: Bill Hollands Challenge - A Moment In Time

Updated on November 5, 2014

I hardly ever get involved with the writing challenges on Hubpages. I prefer reading the amazing stories of others, compared to writing myself. But something about billybucs (Bill Hollands) challenge talked to me. Well not literally but you get my meaning, so my mind has been wandering around all day with this idea.

The beautiful photo by Bill is his lovely wife Bev standing looking out across the mountains which I believe are named Pinnacle Peak, and they are in the Cascade Mountains, which I hate to admit, I have never heard of before, but hey I am English so bear with me!.

I don't think I could capture such a great photo if I was paid a million dollars! Its wonderful.

This is the original challenge, The Woman On The Mountain Top by Bill, so I hope I do it justice. Here goes!

To Eternity and Back.

Copyright and property of Bill Holland.
Copyright and property of Bill Holland.

A Moment In Time.

Amy turned her head, gave a big sigh and opened her eyes. She could smell something wonderful, where was it coming from? Even the air tasted clean and fresh, she couldn't understand it.

The glare from the sun was blinding as Amy tried to focus. Sun? She thought. Why is the sun there? Where am I?

Slowly she realised that she was laying on the ground. But not just any old ground. It was grass, lush green and smelled like heaven.

The beautiful sound of birds caught her ears, and a bubbling sound played in the background. Sitting up, Amy realised that she was near a small stream that was running alongside her, dropping off out of sight down the hill where she was sitting.

No, its not a hill! She mumbled to herself, 'Its a Mountain'! Gingerly she stood up and stretched. Her body felt supple and for a moment she was surprised, but then the view took over and she stood there, staring in awe.

She had never seen anything so beautiful! The mountain with its blue tint, and the clouds flowing over them like white silk, breaking off and running across the sky like a child being chased by a friend. She could almost hear the laughter, but it was only the sound of a small deer that had crept up onto the ridge, and stood there, staring.

Amy didn't move, she was scared that the deer would be nervous, so she gently held out her hand, and to her surprise, the deer came forward and sniffed her fingers, before suddenly jumping away and running back into the trees.

Deer on a Mountain
Deer on a Mountain

The view was beautiful, Amy had never seen anything like it before. Or had she? A memory stirred in her mind, like slow water in a stagnant pool. There was something lurking beneath that pool, but she couldn't capture it. What was it?

She knew she was missing something, and then it came to her. Bob! Her beautiful kind and loving husband! Where was he? Why was she here on her own? Bob would never let her go mountain climbing!

She laughed! Well she wasn't really climbing now was she? But seriously, where on earth was he?

'Bob? Bob are you there?' She called. But there was no answer, only the sounds of the mountain, the water, the air, and a soft shush shush of the wind in the grass.

Amy started to panic. Where on earth?

Suddenly she heard a sound. A rustling in the grass. Then footsteps.

We'll Meet Again.

Turning around she saw a tall man wearing a khaki uniform and a big grin.

'Amy, what are you doing here? He asked, the smile turning into a worried frown.

Amy ran to him and flung her arms around his neck. 'Oh Bob, it seems like ages since I saw you! I missed you so'.

Bob gently took her hands that were draped so tightly around his neck.

'Amy if you are here, then you know what this means don't you?'

Amy gently stepped back and looked bewildered.

'What?' she whispered.

Bob softly ran his finger down her face, and then with his hand turned her head gently away from the mountain view.

'Look' He whispered and pointed.

There through a gap in the air, was a room. On the bed, an old lady lay dying. Her crinkled face which was showing so much pain began to relax, and soon a smile lit up her face.

'Oh, she said. Then turned towards the gap. 'Bob my love' She sighed.Then she was gone.

Amy turned with a start. Staring at Bob her eyes filled with tears.

'Oh I remember you. Really remember, I lost you so long ago, the war took you but I could still feel your arms around me. Is it true? Have I really died?

'Yes' Bob smiled. 'But now we can be together forever'.

Slowly they walked towards the warm blue mist of the mountain that would soon be their home for all eternity.

A soldiers kiss
A soldiers kiss

© 2014 Nell Rose


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