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The Wonderful Ways of My Mother: A Poem for My Mom

Updated on February 3, 2021
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Rosemary is author of six books on mental health and inspirational poetry. She is a motivational speaker and a volunteer peer advocate.

Mother's Day....

Mother's Day, is probably the most or one of the most important "days" besides real holidays. For Mother's more so than fathers, are typically the most nurturing people in our lives as nature itself proclaims.

It is Mothers who carry us in their protective womb, who give painful birth, who love us and breast feed us, supply nutrition- breast milk prevents disease and increases intelligence and learning and psychologically comforts besides being the best nutrition. Mothers and children have a unique bond.

I did write this for my Mom on her birthday. I hope you enjoy and I hope it inspires you to do something special for your Mom's next birthday or next Mother's Day!

My Mom's favorite color rose which she says smells sweetest
My Mom's favorite color rose which she says smells sweetest
Rose in water
Rose in water
Garden rose
Garden rose
light pink garden rose
light pink garden rose

The Wonderful Ways of My Mother

Dear Mother,

Words cannot express what I feel for you.

You are the gentlest and kindest of mothers,

and so here is what I've written for you...

Dear Mother,

You are a woman of love and peace and justice.

Every word you say most of the time

Is well thought out and kind.

You encourage me when I'm down,

you make jokes so I won't frown,

and whenever you're around,

your advice is Right and Sound.

You speak of God, Heaven, and Happiness;

It's something great and full of Bliss.

The sparkle in your eye, and the tender way you cry

You're smile outshines them all,


Your pray everyday for the well being of your husband and children

@>-->-->-->----- @>-->-->-->----- @>-->-->-->-----

God bless you Mother for praying for me,

Being remindful for the way things ought to be!

I wrote this in June 1998 and today I give this to you as a birthday present, reminding you, I will always feel this way, and look up to you.

I printed this on beautiful yellow paper with a edge of butterflies and flowers and enclosed it in a glass frame with brown edges and black velvet backing.

Rose Color Meanings

When we give roses to our loved ones or friends, it's nice to know the meanings of different colors which we can abide by or not pay attention to at all. These are the traditional meanings of different rose colors:

  • RED- love and romance, says "I love you"
  • PINK-signifies grace and elegance-conveys appreciation and joy
  • YELLOW-a true friend
  • WHITE-innocence and purity- marriage and new beginnings
  • ORANGE- enthusiasm- also fervent romance
  • LAVENDER- enchantment or love at first sight

I've always loved roses as my favorite flower, although I love the smell of lilacs and lilies. But roses seem to be the perfect and most often used flower to symbolize LOVE. My mother named me Rosemary, which I always loved as the rose I consider the perfect flower :-)

I love to give roses to my Mom and to people I love. My mom's favorite rose is a bright pink from the garden which has the strongest and most beautiful scent.

Religiously, Our Lady is often showered with roses and St. Therese promises a rose to whoever prays a novena to her.


What's your favorite color rose?

See results

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