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The Word Later Doesn't Really Exsist

Updated on October 30, 2014

It Is Not Now And Not Soon

So what is it ?

It's a trick by parents to promise something

They know you will forget

To get your hopes up

Too many factors to figure in

They all tell you the same thing

It's not going to happen

Now or anytime soon

Maybe never

So don't be fooled or tricked

When someone says later

They are really saying

Forget about it

I am telling you from experience

Nine out of ten times

It is a really bad ratio

No booky would ever think it was a win

Such a long shot

They would give you 100 to1 odds

Who is kidding who ?

I am a positive person

There is no way to change the outcome

They are just to great

All against you

Some examples of later

When someone borrows money

You listen to their words carefully

As soon they say later

Grab your money right back and say I changed my mind

Sorry ask someone else

If someone borrows your tools

Consider it gone

One day leads into the next

Before long

They say things like

I gave that back

I returned it long time ago

Why would I be asking you for it you if I gave it back

It makes no sense

If someone offers to buy you a drink next time when you buy the first round

Get your drink as soon as you can

If they say later

It's a trap

You are the bait and the trap is set

So don't get upset

It is just the way the world is

It is an understood language all of it's own

When too much time passes

Our minds are made to forget

Think of all the meals you had just last week

Do you remember ?

How about the week before?

They are all forgotten

Later has a long and bad history

When you were a kid and said to mom

I will clean my room later

What you are really saying

I can't be bothered

You can ask me later but you know the answer

Think of everyone who has used the word

Your boss when you asked for a raise

Not right now


When business improves a little

When you get a little more experience

The door is left open

There is no set time

Everyone knows it

It is somewhere in never, never land

Out on a date

Your girlfriend says I will call you

If she doesn't say later

You have a shot

When a husband tells his wife he will fix something

Followed by the words later

You better off fixing it yourself

If your in the mood for love

You look into your wife's eyes

She looks back at you and says

The magic words


It's not going to happen

Just find something else to do

Get your mind off of it

She has other plans and that's not one of them

You ever see an old friend

Well catch up


You and I both know

Years will pass

Have you ever said those famous words ?

I will go to the gym later

It is hard to get there

Things come up

The gym just gets farther and farther away

Until it is another day

So now that we have covered a few times

How about you ?

Have you had the pleasure ?

Of dealing with Later?

When a wife tells her husband


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