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The Wordsmith's Corner

Updated on August 25, 2014
typical workday in spring from
typical workday in spring from | Source

What Is A Wordsmith?

Simply put-- I play with words,for fun and money. I have many private clients in my business, and I write articles for websites. I have over 5 years' experience with SEO, and I have never run afoul of the great Googlemonster. I populate new domains with highly relevant, carefully researched articles, graphics, and media. I also regularly perform SEO analytics to insure the sites I manage (over 100 at the moment) continue to perform as expected. For those who don't require my full services, I also edit, proof and optimize existing websites, re-write sales copy for affiliate programs, and ghost write e-books. I have written on topics as diverse as teenage dating tips and asbestos in Libby Montana. I also provide back linking service for websites, tutor college students in English, and edit, research and proof college papers for students.

Anyone who is interested in my services may leave a message here, and I will reply as quickly as possible, schedule permitting. While most of what I write in this hub will be about the business of writing, I may occasionally add a recipe or two, or indulge in poetry or music lyrics.I have also written political speeches and sermons for clergy, as a matter of fact. Overall, I love my job. I love being able to work at home, and do different things every day.

The Write Stuff

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Writing For Fun, Writing For Money

When I was young (and didn't have bills) I wrote for fun. I always thought that being paid to write articles would be boring, and would silence my inner muse. In actuality, writing for the internet is a fascinating job. Today alone I wrote about belly fat, chicken coops, affiliate marketing programs, traffic exchanges, the best work at home opportunities, and put together a contest for a client on his website. Yesterday, I wrote about insoles for shoes, how to re-pot plants, making your own chemical peel out of aspirin and vinegar, and finished the day with--more chicken coops.

My job is far from boring--as a matter of fact, I find it difficult to write purely for enjoyment these days, as I am very busy writing about dubstep music, skater culture, love and hip hop (a TV show), steampunk, and preppers. I would guess that my "job" as probably far more interesting than most people's--though I would have liked to be a forensic pathologist, actually :-).

I consider myself fortunate in that I rarely have to fish for business--my clients find me. I do write at, under the screen name chrystalia99--and I am proud to say my rejection level is less than 2% there, and less than 1% overall. I don't say that to brag, but because I work hard for the recognition I get--and I don't mind people knowing that. My job gives me variety, flexibility, and is never short of crises, disasters, and odd experiences--which is just the way I like it!

How Do You Become A Writer?

Earnest Hemingway was once asked what it took to be a writer. His reply: "Patience and postage stamps". It takes a little more than that, of course. For writing like I normally do, you need good research skills, and a command of the English Language. My poetry is very sporadic--because that relies on inspiration, not technical skills. I can barely write a short story, and I can't write dialogue at all.

To be a professional writer, you need to have a lot of discipline, be detail oriented, and be willing to work consistently. When I am not writing for money, I am writing for visibility, or for practice. Someone else once said "I write because it hurts less than not writing"-- and in a way, that's very true. I can't go a single day without writing something, even if it's only a journal entry.

You have to be able to follow directions, however ridiculous the directions might seem. Some of the directions I receive are stunning examples of lunacy--but I follow them anyway, because my reputation depends on doing so. Sticking to deadlines is essential, as well.

The most important thing I have learned is always agree to less than you can deliver--then deliver early and extra LOL. So far, this strategy is working rather well, because it makes me look exceptional--which I am not. I am a very good technical writer, a decent poet, and a mildly mediocre fiction writer. My clients, however, consider me exceptional, because I promise 75% and deliver 100% :-). This works out well.

The Occasional Writer's Block
The Occasional Writer's Block | Source

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Quitting Time!

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The Final Analysis

If you can't imagine NOT writing, can write effectively and engagingly, follow directions and are willing to seriously market yourself, then you might well have what it takes to be a writer. This isn't magic, or rocket science. Timeless fiction is magic, and space shuttles are rocket science. Writing is skill, practice, and dedication--not to mention some patience and postage stamps.

I didn't intend to be a writer when I grew up, it just sort of happened one day. If you have the dedication and the dream, it could happen for you, as well.


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