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The World Is Over...Again: The Decline of Anne Rice

Updated on January 6, 2016

We're all about creative expression, but riddle me this, Batman: what do you get when you cross a talented writer who takes over for more creative control and doesn't let other writers or editors reign in her weird ass imagination?

If you've read the title of the blog, you already know the punchline.

But all joking aside, I actually really like Anne Rice. She has a beautiful writing style that manages to be vivid and sensual without being gross and cheap. Which is why I'm upset that she veered off the rails of literary coherence in the last few years, and instead chose to dive into the sea of utter WHACK.

Her later works are so pretentious you don't even know what they're being pretentious about (yep, one of those). I'm not sure what she's smoking these days, guys, but she sure as hell better share, because it's clearly some great shit.

Below is a vid that captures my thoughts on this sad decline of a great modern author...though maybe "decline" is a harsh word. Her plots have simply ceased to be anything you can relate to. Part of what made Rice great was the fact that she plunged you into a fantastical world that still managed to be infused with humanity.

But her later Vampire Chronicles books and those books not having to do with the vamps at all are another story. Like I said: clearly smoking some pristine stuff.

What are your thoughts?

What do YOU think of Anne Rice?

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