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The World Traveler

Updated on November 22, 2012

Galloping off on my charging steed,

I travel far and wide

From his back I see the world pass by,

and all the people wave.

And then I go across the seas to deepest Africa:

safari hunter now am I.

I've caught and tamed this tiger wild;

he'll carry me anywhere.

To far shores I'll travel, and lay claim to every beast

(they wait for me to ride).

For I am a master of animals all:

the world is my sitting room.

Perchance an Ostrich I'll astride;

(what an odd and bumpy gait!)

Or maybe I'll try the pussy-cat here--

the one who's caught a fish.

Round and round the world I go, carried aboard

the willing backs of all the beasts that live.

From up on my perch, the people look small,

and I am the one in charge.

I'm off on my travels, and my mother is bidding

a tearful farewell.

But I am brave and I am bold; I don't even cast a backward look

as I travel around and 'round again.

What music is this? Pomp and royal--

a tribute to me--the King!

And off I go with head held high,

reviewing my subjects below.

Suddenly though, the music fades,

and the world

begins to slow.

And then it stops.

My reverie ends:

I climb sadly down from the carousel.

© C. Elizabeth Carl 9-19-9-88

© rev. C. Elizabeth (Carl) Elias 5-5-2010



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