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The World of Inequality We Live In

Updated on April 10, 2017

We are living of the world of different people

Some are contented with a life that’s simple

Some are rich and others are poor

Most are hospitable to people at their door

Why our world should be divided?

Is this unequal status what we wanted?

Some people take advantage

Of the people who lack knowledge

Men can’t live without greed

Why don’t we give each other’s need?

Why can’t we live equal to each other?

Will inequality rule here forever?

Most of the time we want to be stronger

Good man use strength to protect the weaker

But some people takes advantage of the weak

Do we need to hurt every one we meet

We shouldn’t always do what we pleases

We should always keep in mind its consequences

Do not hold on too long in our rage

All people should now meet on the same page

The world doesn’t revolve around us

The world have a massive mass

Let’s be considerate to others

Let’s work together and be winners

A man’s capability is based on his money

How about the poor whose pockets are empty

Their money now controls the world

Money is now more powerful than sword

The world we live in is unfair

Someone has none, nobody will share

Others have plenty, while others suffer with few

Why not start to change this things, starting from you

In a world of inequality

We can never survive easily

The wall that separates the rich and poor in our society

Can never be penetrated and overcomed that easily


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