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The Worlds: Chapter 1

Updated on February 3, 2019
Nicole Margulis profile image

Nicole Margulis has a passion for writing. She has been writing books and articles outside of school since the age of 4.

The Worlds

Chapter 1

Come along with me through the dark forest, readers. Spiral around the towering dried out redwoods and spanned-out oaks. Speed through the swamp and wrinkle your nose from the foul stink of the dead, bellied-up, bloated frogs. Swirl through the maze of tall wheat bending to the freezing gusts of wind blowing under grey clouds. Be careful and check behind a thick sheet of vines at the end of the field. Ignore the disintegrating, dried-out leaves of the vines when you pull the crinkly brown leaves to the side. There it is, finally. The stone door leading to… somewhere. Aren’t you curious? Open the door. It’s heavy and you pull with all your strength to budge it a few inches open. A cold spine-shivering breeze suddenly makes you alert as you peek inside. This is what you see…

An evil heart-wrenching laugh cackles through the never-ending cave. From the shadows comes an aged man. His skin is wrinkled and tan from the sun he used to see. As he steps out of the dark in his royal blue satin cloak, his dark green eyes shimmer with malice for the world. Shaggy white hair falls over his eyes. A slimy object crawls from under the blue satin, wide sleeves. A gurgling sound came from the inside of the object. A chilling shriek echoed through the hollow cave as the object slithered into the foggy light, its greasy fur dully reflecting. The creature continued to crawl forward, gurgling coming from its sharp-toothed snout. Lastly, a slippery tail slithered out.

“My precious, we will finally take over the world,” Mr. Him chuckled in a deep booming voice.

Now, let’s travel to somewhere on the other side of the universe.

The rain poured outside. Once in a while, little drops hit the glass window, creating a gentle tapping sound. Abigal sat on the sinking maroon sofa by the window. In her hands, she held an old book called Catcher in the Rye. The problem was, she couldn’t focus. The rain brought over a dense, heavy cloud of fatigue. Abi looked at the cold black tile floor. The only light in the room was a dim lamp on the coffee table next to the couch. Abigal put down the tinted-brown book on the coffee table. She turned off the lamp, and the room grew dark. Abi faded into the sofa and as she lay down, she felt as if she was floating in thick air. Abigal sunk deeper into the sofa. The air grew thicker. She sunk deeper. The air was closing off. Abi opened her eyes and realized she was inside the sofa. She was under the leather cover!


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