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Apocalypse Poetry: Death Comes for Us All

Updated on June 13, 2013

On a perfect day in June

Death only moments away

The old man sitting on the park bench

Began to pray


Along came a man

All skin and bones,

Begging for a helping hand

He had nowhere to call home

He approached the old man

With need in his eyes.

“The old timer said

Ask me a question

And I’ll tell you no lies.”

“Old timer please

My brothers are dying

Can you tell me how to beat death?

So mama will stop crying?”

The old man smiled

And shook his weary head,

“Son death only comes

For those meant to be dead”

“So you’re telling me there’s no hope?

Is there nothing I can do?

Old timer you helped those other men!

Why don’t I matter to you.”

The old timer replied

With sincerity in his eyes,

“I said if you ask me a question,

I will tell you no lies.”

The man of skin and bones

Pulled the old timer to his face

The old timer looked down

Bowing his head in disgrace

“Son I’m sorry,

Death is something you can’t cheat.

It comes for all of us

When our time is complete”

“Please give up this quest

To bring back the dead.

Let the dying rest in peace

Let them rest their weary heads”

“Old timer you are cruel,

I’ll find my answers without you,

Go on and help your friends

And I will do what I must do”

“Young man you have been warned

Do not try to cheat death.

If you continue to persist

You will leave the world bereft.”

“Yes. Yes. Old timer

I hear you just fine

You take care of your problems

And I’ll take care of mine."

The man of skin and bone

Ran as fast as he could.

The old man shook his head

Knowing he was misunderstood.

To be continued……….

Part 3

Part 5


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