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The Wrath of injured hearts

Updated on April 16, 2016

The place you've named sacred place
Was burnt in front of our eyes
With no Reaction with no moves
The earth was boiling from the wrath of hearts.
The sun light has been eclipsed by the flags enemies.
The red-sky become like a burning flame in the ocean.

The sound of the mercy and peace is gone
it became just a memory of glorious days
When the forests used to scream
And the sky used to cry bloody rain
It's just the wrath of the nature against the silent world.
The legacy has already said it would be free
Just be patient the wrath will be out
To free the trapped injured hearts.
Every passing moment, every martyr we lost.
Their graves are everywhere.
it's a sign of hope to rise the shining sun above stolen sacred land.


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