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The Write-eous Way.

Updated on January 21, 2012


The Write-eous Way.
I write to bleed
an excercise to excise 
the toxins of angst
from my taxed brain.
Useless wars, 
town hell meetings,
child abuse, greedy banks
and so many other human follies
motivate me to cry out.

I also seek to share
the overabundance of love, 
that graces my days,
wringing my soul out 
like a washcloth
over those who are parched
for drenchings of hope,
in their lonely conclaves.

Nature often moves me
like a ball of dandelion seed, 
my thoughts tumbling in awe
at the vast beauty before me,
as I spread my fertile thoughts 
in cotton soft plantings of words.

I write to reach 
all that is untouchable,
my black keys
opening closed minds
just enough perhaps to
insert other possibilities
left unconsidered.

Newspapers are
my main medium,
the remnants of 
trees executed
so that I can bark,
and take my leaves
in fanciful thought.

Placing alpha-bets
in a gamble that might
make others winners
in the game of life.

But mainly because
some higher force
fills me with an 
I am but one
of many candles
graced with the fires of
heavenly thoughts 
illuminating the darkness 
that grips our world.


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