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The Writer's Mailbag: Installment 152

Updated on May 29, 2017

The Pages of the Calendar

Is it just the fact that I’m getting older, or does this world, and time, seem to be moving faster than it once did? Maybe I’ve just taken on too much for me to do. Whatever the case, this boy is busy, and the newfound sunshine isn’t helping matters a whole lot. I keep longing to get outside and usually do exactly that by one each afternoon.

Oh well, we do what we can do.

One thing I did accomplish was this Mailbag, so let’s check out this week’s questions.

Welcome to the Mail Room!
Welcome to the Mail Room! | Source

Can Familiarity Be a Bad Thing

From Bill: “151 and counting - great job, Bill! I just got done reading the latest "Into the Unknown" and have to agree with Frank. You've made it all so lifelike. Thanks for sharing your secret. I'm working on a story now set in my local area, and it all seems so "corny." I know the area well, but maybe too much familiarity is also a bad thing. Any thoughts?”

Bill, it’s an interesting question. I’ve thought about this for a couple days before answering. I honestly can’t think of a situation when too much familiarity is a bad thing. Authenticity is important, I believe, or at least the illusion of authenticity and familiarity. Perhaps, if one is writing about a particularly painful situation, being too close might be a hindrance, but then I fall back on the fact that touching our readers on an emotional level is, or should be, one of our goals as fiction writers.

So my rather labored answer is no, I don’t believe it is a bad thing. One thought I did have, however, is that perhaps, because you are so familiar with a particular situation, you fail to see the uniqueness of it. Maybe a fresh set of eyes would help you to see, in a new light, something that is right under your nose. I know living in the Pacific Northwest, I often take the beauty of this area for granted because I’m so accustomed to it….just a random thought for you to ponder.


From Linda: Hi Bill – “I have never attended/participated in a "book signing", and now I have been asked to consider DOING a book signing. Can you provide any insight as to what to expect? This is brand new territory.”

Linda, book signings are pretty standard affairs. They usually go something like this: you get set up at a table, spread out your books, have seating of course, and then spend maybe fifteen minutes talking to the audience and giving a few readings. Then have a question and answer session followed by the signing. The whole thing should take about an hour.

Now that doesn’t mean you can’t stray from that formula. In your case, with a cookbook/history of cooking book, perhaps you could give out samples of one of the recipes that is in your book….word of caution…don’t get in trouble with the Health Department by doing so. Check on local regulations regarding that particular practice.

And good luck! By all means do it! It is great exposure.

Is it possible to get too familiar with scenery like this?
Is it possible to get too familiar with scenery like this? | Source

How Many Mailbag Questions

From Bill: “Three years is an amazing achievement Bill. Here's a question for you. Do you have any idea how many questions you have answered through the weekly mailbag over the last three years? I'm sure everyone is curious? I can probably figure out a pretty good estimate with some easy math but do you keep track of the question count? I suspect knowing you as I do that you don't and you probably don't care :) If you answer on average 5 questions per week then that would put you somewhere around 780 questions expertly answered. Well done.”

Bill, thank you! Honest answer, I don’t have a clue, and I’m too lazy to go back and count them. Your estimate is as good a one as I could come up with. Let’s just round it off to 800 and be satisfied, which I am. Thank you my friend.

Hateful Comments

From Asking: “Asking this because I've received a couple of awful comments that have nothing to do with my writing apparently. I don't want to reveal myself, but I read your mailbag regularly. On a couple of my articles I have received a few hateful generic comments such as "Go kys" (go kill yourself) and even though they are trolls it sticks with me. The topics are not opinion or controversial topics but that would not give them an excuse to act like that.

“Do you sometimes get terrible comments like that? How do you handle it? Does it bother you at all? On a related topic, How do you sort out negative comments that have valid criticism of your work from the riff raff?”

My goodness, Asking, people have actually written “go kill yourself” in the comment section? Whew! It would surprise me more, I guess, but I hang out on Facebook quite a bit, and I’ve seen similar comments on that social platform. The cruelty of human beings no longer surprises me, I’m sad to report. Of course their comments stick with you. I don’t know how they couldn’t? Anyone with a pulse would be upset by that sort of comment.

Have I received them? Not that hateful, no, but I have received some pretty nasty comments and yes, they bother me. I don’t get caught up in a tit for tat, and I try not to give them any chance to continue. I thank them for their opinion, no matter how warped it might be, I tell them they are no longer welcome on my site, and then I delete their comment and continue deleting them if they reappear. Eventually they lose the will to continue and go find someone else to bother. I’m sure there is a way to completely block them and ban them, but I haven’t taken the time to do that.

Early on in my career, I wrote quite a few articles about alcoholism, me being a recovering alcoholic, and I received a few nasty comments at that time, and it hurt, and I still remember them . . . but it didn’t stop me from continuing.

How do I sort out valid criticism of my work? I will listen to anything that is presented in a respectful manner, and I mean that sincerely. It would worry me if everyone agreed with everything I wrote all of the time. My goodness, I’m not God or anything close to God, so why would I expect my writing to be perfect? But the criticism has to be presented respectfully or I trash it.

Now I will say this too: I have quite a bit of confidence in my writing and I have a certain degree of respect for myself. I do not deserve to be treated like that. I am a loving and gentle person, and life is too short to let trolls attack me. I also know I’m a good writer, so I have to have that confidence before I ever go public with anything I write. I’m not saying you have a thin skin, but I am saying it helps to have supreme confidence in your abilities, which in turn thickens your skin for the attacks to come.

I really hope you get a break from that kind of crap. It really annoys the hell out of me that it is happening to you. These are petty little people with a whole lot of sadness deep inside of them; it’s a shame they feel the need to drag others down with them.

My thoughts on hateful comments.
My thoughts on hateful comments. | Source

Powerful Stuff

I guess we’ll end with that. Remember , all of you, that you are writers. Once you make the decision to go public, you are open to attacks. Don’t let the critics and trolls prevent you from doing what you were meant to do.

NIUME UPDATE: NIUME sent out a notice stating they were no longer paying their writers as of the end of this month. Just wanted you updated on it since I introduced many of you to that site a year or so ago.

Could HP be next?

2017 William D. Holland (aka billybuc)

“Helping writers to spread their wings and fly.”


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    • billybuc profile imageAUTHOR

      Bill Holland 

      17 months ago from Olympia, WA

      I hope you are right, Sha! I'm happy to report I don't much care about the money, but I would hate to lose touch with my online friends.

      Thanks, as always! Hope you are enjoying the summer.

    • bravewarrior profile image

      Shauna L Bowling 

      17 months ago from Central Florida

      Bill, I can't imagine receiving such a hateful comment as Asking has experienced. Actually, I'd be a little frightened! Your response to her was very loving and caring.

      I'm not sure if we need to worry about HP no longer paying its writers. They've been around a lot longer than these other "pop-up" sites and seem to being doing what it takes to keep the site and its niches alive and well with the search engines. We may not like some of the changes they're making, but I think they intend to keep paying the contributing writers. At least, I hope so.

    • billybuc profile imageAUTHOR

      Bill Holland 

      17 months ago from Olympia, WA

      Very true, Swalia! It was a nice concept that was bound to fail.

    • swalia profile image

      Shaloo Walia 

      17 months ago from India

      Niume's downfall didn't come as a surprise to me. The rules were too easy. Anybody could write five sentences.

    • billybuc profile imageAUTHOR

      Bill Holland 

      18 months ago from Olympia, WA

      No reason to apologize, Lawrence. It makes me mad too. We recently had a young woman sentenced for manslaughter for encouraging her ex-boyfriend to commit suicide...and he did...she goaded him into it with a long series of nasty text messages. What makes a person do something like that? I'll never understand that kind of meanness.

    • profile image

      Lawrence Hebb 

      18 months ago


      I agree, time seems to speed up as we get older, or is it we get slower?

      Some very sobering things in this one, and it makes me sad to even think about it. I don't think I've come across those kind of things, though personally, I'd block them instantly without even replying. I'd also report whoever it was to the site so that they can block them (if they carry on like that with one, they probably do it to more)

      Sorry, but what 'Asking' related has got me angry at the way some people treat others!!

    • billybuc profile imageAUTHOR

      Bill Holland 

      18 months ago from Olympia, WA

      It is sad, Aesta. I totally agree with you. Sad people who want to bring others down to their level.

    • aesta1 profile image

      Mary Norton 

      18 months ago from Ontario, Canada

      At my age, I am aware that time moves more quickly. I am trying not to let this overwhelm me. Regarding the hateful comments, I don't understand why people think they can freely do that on the net. Sad.

    • billybuc profile imageAUTHOR

      Bill Holland 

      18 months ago from Olympia, WA

      DREAM ON, how nice to hear from you, and so many nice things said. Thank you! Of course, I'm as guilty as anyone for not visiting you. I can make all the excuses in the world, but bottom line is I just don't read and comment as much as I once did. Life gets in the way, and things change, and then we reach the point where we are now. Long story short, thank you my friend.

    • billybuc profile imageAUTHOR

      Bill Holland 

      18 months ago from Olympia, WA

      Mary, my God, I can't imagine you writing something so controversial as to receive a nasty comment. Of course, in today's world, it really doesn't have to be a controversial statement. There are just some very unhappy people out there. Anyway, thanks as always for being here.

    • billybuc profile imageAUTHOR

      Bill Holland 

      18 months ago from Olympia, WA

      That's very true, Dora. Very true indeed. Thanks for mentioning that. Ms. Positive, you are!

    • billybuc profile imageAUTHOR

      Bill Holland 

      18 months ago from Olympia, WA

      Eddy, you are like the always come back, and I, for one, am grateful. Thanks my friend. I'm glad you are well and back among your friends.



    • billybuc profile imageAUTHOR

      Bill Holland 

      18 months ago from Olympia, WA

      Too funny, Eric, although I'm sure Asking didn't think it was funny at the time. My goodness, it would be pretty exhausting, trying to please everyone all of the time. I pissed a guy off in traffic this morning on the way to getting my coffee. Oh well! Thanks for the question; I'll squeeze it into the Mailbag.

    • Ericdierker profile image

      Eric Dierker 

      18 months ago from Spring Valley, CA. U.S.A.

      Well Bill regarding Asking: You are a pig slop of a writer. Your positions make me sick and I hope that you quit before killing us with "less than satisfactory writing" . I reckon you got some kind of degree from a Brazilian correspondence course because you are so old. Please stop filling the "internet" with your diatribes on how great you are for you are truly ignorant.

      On a lighter note. I wanted to know if you, as a busy pro, still get the release of pent up stuff by slinking into writing. I do but maybe it is escapism, like my religious stuff and my boy. Can you still use it as a wonderful release? Or is that reserved for your farm?

    • Eiddwen profile image


      18 months ago from Wales

      Hi Bill how lovely and refreshing to be back again . Great answers here but didn't expect anything different from you. So glad you are still the same Bill as I remember . I am making a huge effort(once again) to juggle a hectic full tie job and my writing . I really do hope I can make it this time. No matter how I try to convince myself that I am alright without it if I am truly honest there is a big part of me missing . It's all flowing back to me this morning so any words from you my dear friend x Eddy.

    • MsDora profile image

      Dora Weithers 

      18 months ago from The Caribbean

      Bill, I like your answers. I just want to add to the one about hateful comments that any comment about the topic means that someone read your article. It may hurt for a while, but it counts even after the hurt is past.

    • DREAM ON profile image

      DREAM ON 

      18 months ago

      When I look on Hub Pages I see another mailbag # 152. I know I am getting old but are my eyes playing tricks on me. Fantastic as always. I haven't been around and miss all your helpful, interesting and wonderful advice. I am only fifty two and I feel aches I have never felt before. Some days I just want to sleep the day away. With work nipping at my toes I am only fifteen years away from retirement. As always you inspire all us to write and learn more. Have you ever taken a break from writing and if so how long ? When life gets busy I find we have to step up our game if we slow down we get in a lazy I will do it later attitude. You know what happens then later never comes. I am late wishing you a Happy Memorial Day but better late than never. You are appreciated and I know things always change but I am glad you are still here. Have you done any of your own book signings ? If you have do you feel they increased your sales ? A week of rain in Maine just wanted to let you know what it is like to go away and come back and read your hubs again. What it feels like when you are truly missed. Have a great day and I would appreciate it if you can send a little sun my way.

    • Blond Logic profile image

      Mary Wickison 

      18 months ago from Brazil

      My comment seems to have fallen into a virtual black hole.

      Regarding familiarity, I think we need to view our surroundings and situations with the eyes of a tourist but use our local knowledge when writing.

      I too have received some negative and nasty comments and emails. We have the power to delete but they do sting.

    • billybuc profile imageAUTHOR

      Bill Holland 

      18 months ago from Olympia, WA

      Thank you Melissa! I worked through the weekend to meet a deadline. I'm glad you had fun, and I'm always glad that you stop by here. Enjoy the heck out of your weekend.

    • billybuc profile imageAUTHOR

      Bill Holland 

      18 months ago from Olympia, WA

      Oh, it wasn't me who received the negative comments, Linda....but thank you for the very kind words.

    • billybuc profile imageAUTHOR

      Bill Holland 

      18 months ago from Olympia, WA

      Thank you Larry! Always appreciated!

    • billybuc profile imageAUTHOR

      Bill Holland 

      18 months ago from Olympia, WA

      I don't know, Brian, but I'll find out. Thanks for the question.

    • billybuc profile imageAUTHOR

      Bill Holland 

      18 months ago from Olympia, WA

      Thank you so much, Flourish! Like you, all I ask for is respect. I don't mind disagreements, but the minimum we should demand is respect.

    • billybuc profile imageAUTHOR

      Bill Holland 

      18 months ago from Olympia, WA

      Thank you Linda! I'll continue the series as long as all of you continue the questions. How's that for a deal? :)

    • billybuc profile imageAUTHOR

      Bill Holland 

      18 months ago from Olympia, WA

      Oh Rasma, I'm not sure I'm wise or worthy, but check in Monday and I'll have AN answer. Thanks as always, my friend.

    • Gypsy Rose Lee profile image

      Gypsy Rose Lee 

      18 months ago from Riga, Latvia

      Another interesting mailbag. Some things I would like to clear up. With NIUME not able to pay should I continue to write on the site or should I get out? So as far as I know there is one site that still does pay however little and that is myLot. However it is more of a discussion kind of site but there are people who do write interesting articles on there. Perhaps I should start writing more there and write stories about my dad over there now. I have a number of followers and I can share on all of the social networks. What do you think? Are there any other paying sites out there I haven't discovered yet? Should I get into some serious writing here on HP? I left mostly my poems here and my music hubs. The one problem for me is that even when I was writing different hubs here I never made a cent. So please give me your wise and always worthy opinion.

    • AliciaC profile image

      Linda Crampton 

      18 months ago from British Columbia, Canada

      I always learn something new when I read your mailbag hubs. They're often thought provoking, too! I'm glad that you're continuing the series.

    • FlourishAnyway profile image


      18 months ago from USA

      It's sad that some of my friends receive mean comments. I have received comments from strangers that are funny, intriguing, snarky, sad, and yes, even mean. But the truly mean ones don't deserve to see the light of day. If they simply disagree with me respectfully that is fine, but ultimately it's my show. You answered that question beautifully. You are a helluva writer and a helluva human being. I like the taste and read idea for Linda's book signing. Congrats on your success with this series.

    • B. Leekley profile image

      Brian Leekley 

      18 months ago from Kalamazoo, Michigan, USA

      As usual, good answers to interesting questions.

      I saw that Niume announcement. It said in part, "Due to ... decreasing revenues in the advertising industry, we ... will stop paying Niume creators for views after the end of this month.... In the coming months we will work on offering alternative sources of revenue.... Niume will continue operating exactly as it has until now...." Alternative sources of revenue such as what? And meantime, what's the motivation for writers to self-publish on Niume? Most writers, I've heard, don't get paid on Medium either. Are Niume and Medium comparable?

    • Larry Rankin profile image

      Larry Rankin 

      18 months ago from Oklahoma

      Always enlightening!

    • Carb Diva profile image

      Linda Lum 

      18 months ago from Washington State, USA

      Happy Tuesday Bill, and thank you for answering my question about book signings. I am negotiating with two places and a possible third and have written to the health department to find out if I can hand out samples of cookies (there are several recipes in my book).

      How sad that you have received hate comments--you are one of the most helpful, encouraging, honest people I know and are NOT deserving of that. It's a reflection on the person spewing the hatred, not you.

      Hope you had a wonderful weekend.

    • mpropp profile image

      Melissa Propp 

      18 months ago from Minnesota

      Happy Tuesday Bill! I was enjoying my memorial day weekend so much, that I stayed off the internet entirely, so my apologies for the late comments. I guess people definitely don't hold back with the cruelty when it comes to online comments. They would never say such mean hateful stuff to people's faces...

      Hope you had a wonderful long Memorial Day Weekend!

    • billybuc profile imageAUTHOR

      Bill Holland 

      18 months ago from Olympia, WA

      Chitrangaeda Sharan, please don't feel guilty about missing a Mailbag. I'm just appreciative that you find the time at all, so thank you.

    • billybuc profile imageAUTHOR

      Bill Holland 

      18 months ago from Olympia, WA

      Thank you Lori! It is very hard for me to ignore trolls, but I have found it is the best response. They lose interest and move on to someone else...sad little lives they lead.

    • billybuc profile imageAUTHOR

      Bill Holland 

      18 months ago from Olympia, WA

      Venkatachari M, thanks for your thoughts. There is very little we can do about hateful people other than not feed into it.

    • Venkatachari M profile image

      Venkatachari M 

      18 months ago from Hyderabad, India

      Very interesting mailbag as always. I was writing a comment but the power went off before completing it many hours ago.

      The hate comment subject deals with a very perverted, dark side mentality of our people. I too had been a victim of such hate and vulgar, disrespectful comments. I used to comment on many of those articles published on the newspaper site,, which I do even now. People doesn't like my views imparting lessons about human values and good lifestyles. Some of them comment very disrespectfully at my views. In most cases, I simply ignore them. In one or two cases, I try to explain to them the greatness of perceiving things humanely and ethically. I also tell them to not to read my post, if disliked it.

      The number count of your questions answered is a good accomplishment. 800 questions answered is a great achievement. I hope you will cross the 1000 mark soon.

    • lambservant profile image

      Lori Colbo 

      18 months ago from Pacific Northwest

      Great mailbag. I can't believe someone would get that ugly of comments But I have learned the full proof response is no response. Don't feed the trolls is the best way. It's hard.not to react but if you don't they will lose interest shortly. I try to tell myself the best revenge is silence then I picture them at their computers checking to see if I've reacted and the bitter disappointment of seeing nothing.

      800, is that all? Good heavens, that's a lot. We love and appreciate you Bill.

    • ChitrangadaSharan profile image

      Chitrangada Sharan 

      18 months ago from New Delhi, India

      I feel guilty if I miss reading the mailbag installment and I am sorry I did miss some of them. But not this one and I am happy that I read it. So helpful as every time.

      Regarding hateful comments-I am glad this issue was raised on this platform . Fortunately I haven't faced anything like that but I feel bad when I see such comments in social media. I really feel helpless.

      I am thankful to HubPages that they hide such comments and ask the writers to moderate it themselves. I believe, the best that can be done is to ignore such people and avoid giving them any attention.

      Thanks Bill for sharing another wonderful hub!

    • billybuc profile imageAUTHOR

      Bill Holland 

      18 months ago from Olympia, WA

      Great point about HP, Mike! I think it's a joke that they still advertise as a way to make money. I guess, literally, it is true, but man alive, they are horrible at what they do. They keep making changes to the system and things keep getting worse.

    • billybuc profile imageAUTHOR

      Bill Holland 

      18 months ago from Olympia, WA

      MizB, I'm laughing and I feel guilty about laughing. It was the way you said it that was funny. Hey, you at least tried hydroponics. That's more than I would have done. I've got a good bb gun if you need it for critters, but that would require staying up all night and are veggies really worth the loss of sleep? I think not! LOL Always good to hear from you.

    • mckbirdbks profile image


      18 months ago from Emerald Wells, Just off the crossroads,Texas

      Hello Bill. Fascinating how you have gone from time flying to BS flying all in one article. I wonder how you are going to manage, when the receiving, researching and responding to questions come to a conclusion.

      I saw the notice today about NIUME and thought at least they are honest about it. I doubt that anyone that has been with HP for any time still thinks they are writing for money.

      Happy Memorial Day.

    • MizBejabbers profile image

      Doris James-MizBejabbers 

      18 months ago from Beautiful South

      Close to 800 and still counting...Bill, I admire your stickability (Is that a word?) I'm really shocked that anyone would be treated the way "Asking" was treated on this website. I've had some snotty comments and dealt with a couple of trolls, but that is too much, I hope Asking reported it and HP dealt with them. I'm finding a lot of comments on my hubs are being questioned as spam, and I'm having to vouch for their legitimacy, so I know HP is on the ball. However, some of those marked as spam are very on topic, and some of the real spam is getting past the spam catchers, so the situation isn't perfect yet.

      We spent this holiday planting our own little "Victory Garden" and installing an electric fence because the first night it was there, an animal ate the tops out of all our tomato plants; the next night the pepper plants fell victim. You asked me sometime back to report as to how our hydroponics were going. Does planting a real dirt garden answer your question? We gave up, LOL The only place we have to put it was a raised bed on our roof, in a spot that doesn't already leak, of course. Hope you had a great holiday!

    • billybuc profile imageAUTHOR

      Bill Holland 

      18 months ago from Olympia, WA

      No break for the wicked, Heidi! :) Thanks and yes, I hope HP isn't next, but I wouldn't bet on it.

    • billybuc profile imageAUTHOR

      Bill Holland 

      18 months ago from Olympia, WA

      Denise, I think that sounds like a great idea. A barbecue, sunshine, and family. Pretty good way to spend a Monday and no, once those ugly words come out of the mouth of a loved one, it's real hard to forget them. :)

      Thank you and blessings always


    • billybuc profile imageAUTHOR

      Bill Holland 

      18 months ago from Olympia, WA

      Well DDE, we are all glad you are back. Thanks for thinking of me.

    • billybuc profile imageAUTHOR

      Bill Holland 

      18 months ago from Olympia, WA

      Bill, I wish I could take a break, but I have a customer deadline looming, and I want the money. LOL Thanks my friend.

    • lifegate profile image

      William Kovacic 

      18 months ago from Pleasant Gap, PA

      Take a break, Bill! The sun may not be shining long. Thanks for taking my question and all the others. The mailbag is just like a classroom for me. I learned much from you, and I look forward to learning more.

    • DDE profile image

      Devika Primić 

      18 months ago from Dubrovnik, Croatia

      Wow! You answered so interestingly on each question. I found the hub useful and to the point. I am glad to be back after a three month holiday in South Africa.

    • PAINTDRIPS profile image

      Denise McGill 

      18 months ago from Fresno CA

      Hey Bill,

      A good Monday morning to you and a Happy Memorial Day too. I was pretty surprised about the Niume thing as I started writing for them about 10 days ago. Just like me to come to the party a little late! Oh well. I have a feeling there will be other sites hit as well. Have you advice on where to turn next since HP isn't really bringing in revenue to speak of? Maybe this is a question for next week.

      You really brought back some flash backs with the question about hate mail. It is very hard to put that behind you and not give it space in your thought life. I have to consciously say 'NO' to thoughts like this. Of course my worst hate mail came from a daughter and it is hard to get those words out of your head once you read them. I have to remember she has the problem and not me.

      Have a great day. My sister is going to be barbecuing today. Maybe I'll join her.



    • heidithorne profile image

      Heidi Thorne 

      18 months ago from Chicago Area

      What? The Mailbag is open on Memorial Day? Heck, the real Postal Service is closed. So I'm guessing your policy is, "Through rain, through sleet, through holidays..."

      Re: Book Signings. Great advice, especially about the food situation! I would have said the same. Plus, watch your books at book signings. People can easily pick up a book and walk away with it without paying.

      Re: Niume. Wow. Not paying writers. I hope HP isn't next. We'll see.

      Now that you've answered 800+ questions, you deserve a break. Plus, it's a holiday. Enjoy!

    • billybuc profile imageAUTHOR

      Bill Holland 

      18 months ago from Olympia, WA

      Thank you Kristen! I believe she can do that. I just think she was too shocked to think of it.

    • Kristen Howe profile image

      Kristen Howe 

      18 months ago from Northeast Ohio

      Great mailbag Bill. Happy Memorial Day and keep them coming. As for the hateful comments, can Asking delete them or report them to HP somehow?

    • billybuc profile imageAUTHOR

      Bill Holland 

      18 months ago from Olympia, WA

      Thank you, Manatita, for some beautiful thoughts and reflections. I have no time for hate . . .life is much too short for that kind of negative energy in my life. . .and gratefully I have friends,you included, who believe the same.

      Thank you for your friendship.

    • billybuc profile imageAUTHOR

      Bill Holland 

      18 months ago from Olympia, WA

      Thanks John! As long as I live I will never understand that kind of anger...telling a person to go kill themselves? Over an article? What kind of warped perspective is that? Very sad, my friend.

      Most holidays are the same for me. I'm self-employed, so holidays are workdays...but the weather is beautiful and all is well.

    • Jodah profile image

      John Hansen 

      18 months ago from Queensland Australia

      The older we get the quicker time seems to go. I never got around to joining Niume, so kind of glad I didn't bother hearing the latest news. I have heard of a few hubbers getting hateful comments like Asking has, but I never have, just a couple who disagreed with my point of view. I have never had to go as far as deleting a comment. 800 questions..that is quite amazing. Here is to the next 800. Hope you had a great Memorial Day there.

    • billybuc profile imageAUTHOR

      Bill Holland 

      18 months ago from Olympia, WA

      Happy Monday, irish! When is the big move? Is it a matter of months? For some reason I missed that piece of information. Too bad I'm here and you are there or I'd offer the use of my truck.

      Hugs, my friend


    • manatita44 profile image


      18 months ago from london

      Yes, Bro.

      I got the Niume thing. I have a couple of Hubs there, but have not visited for some time. Not enough hours in a day:)

      Familiarity can create problems even in the home, as some of us can take our loved ones for granted. We scream and shout, forgetting that they feel just as much as the man or woman in the street.

      I know a young man who generally tells his father off in Public. Good soul, but the slightest thing embarass him and so he takes it out on dad.

      I had a problem with a doctor once, who knew me very well. Always taking advantage and shouting too. One day I spoke to him when all was quiet. He was surprised, but apologised. But again, he never spoke to patients that way. So at work, home and elsewhere, we take and people take each other for granted.

      What we find in meditation, is that within three months of this action, devotees start speaking about their relationships at home going better. They change!

      Bad comments, a big one, but you have answered it so beautifully! The last thing we want is a tit-for-tat and again fuel feeds the fire. A response should generally be endorsed by wisdom or compassion. Without this, we are destroying, in a Jiffy, all the hard work on Love that we are trying to build up.

      A lot today. I'm so happy that Lord Surya (the sun god) is finally good to you. Enjoy!!

    • billybuc profile imageAUTHOR

      Bill Holland 

      18 months ago from Olympia, WA

      Thank you Bill! I hope you are enjoying your holiday. As for the haters out there, I'll never understand it, nor do I want to. I just eliminate them from my life and move on.

    • billybuc profile imageAUTHOR

      Bill Holland 

      18 months ago from Olympia, WA

      Happy Monday Ann! Always good to see you, my friend. Summer has unofficially arrived here, the weather is cooperating, and I am too busy...other than that, no new news. :) Have a splendid day and thanks so much for spending part of it with me.


    • annart profile image

      Ann Carr 

      18 months ago from SW England

      Time does definitely go more quickly the older we become. In my case, I'm sure I do more but then time goes more quickly when one is enjoying oneself, does it not?!

      How people can be so hateful as to leave comments such as 'Asking' mentioned, is beyond me. They must be so angry and twisted inside that they have to take it out on someone they don't even know. I have been lucky, so far (is that tempting providence?) but I would do exactly as you do, should the situation arise.

      Mondays are for reading the Mailbag and may it continue multitudinously!

      Ann :)

    • bdegiulio profile image

      Bill De Giulio 

      18 months ago from Massachusetts

      Hi Bill. A Happy Memorial Day to you. I don't understand why people feel the need to leave a nasty or mean comment? I have a couple of hubs that have received some mean comments so I now don't respond to any comments on those two particular hubs. The funny thing is they are my two most visited hubs. Anyway, have a great week and hopefully that wonderful Pacific Northwest summer weather kicks in soon.

    • Suzie HQ profile image

      Suzanne Ridgeway 

      18 months ago from Dublin, Ireland

      What a cool bunch of Questions for you this week. Interesting at the end for that NIUME update, certainly had that pegged for trying so thanks for the heads up. Hubpages may well be next time will tell! have a great week doing all you do, variety is certainly the spice of life down Olympia way! Hugs from your buddy xx

    • billybuc profile imageAUTHOR

      Bill Holland 

      18 months ago from Olympia, WA

      Good morning Janine! Our weather changed drastically for five days, almost ninety degrees, but the clouds are back today and all is normal in my world. Have a splendid holiday with that family of yours, and thank you!

    • billybuc profile imageAUTHOR

      Bill Holland 

      18 months ago from Olympia, WA

      Thank you dear Maria! I hope your Memorial Day is filled with love and happiness, my friend.



    • marcoujor profile image

      Maria Jordan 

      18 months ago from Jeffersonville PA

      How upsetting to think about anyone getting such hateful comments - human nature can truly go either way. I love your response to both the question and the errant troll who has tried their venom on you.

      800 questions...this is incredible. But then , so are you, dear Bill.

      Happy Memorial day. Love, Maria

    • Janine Huldie profile image

      Janine Huldie 

      18 months ago from New York, New York

      Bill, I am with you on time moving very quickly here, as well. As I am getting older, I think it is indeed moving even faster. That said a rainy, Memorial Day Monday here and hoping that we will see some sunshine for more than one day at time here. Been a very rainy May so far in all honesty. Hoping June is sunnier not he whole. But nevertheless, just had to stop in, say hi and wish you a wonderful Monday and week ahead now! :)


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