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The Young "Avatar"

Updated on June 5, 2017

Along the trail that to nowhere leads
long' tall evergreen trees sprout
Along the banks of the gitchigumie

The wise blue owl with a hint of black
sits upon the farthest branch
It does not hoot,and it does not sleep
but overhead at Night it flies

further still and past the bridge
under which the Alligator lives
Bother it not
Nor the water touch

Draw your club if it doth protest
A mighty blow upon the nose
at the very top
Do not it's teeth admire
nor the beauty of the scale

once he has defeated been
skip across stop to smell the roses
Of yellow, red, and purple passion
find the hummingbird that upon it's back
Sit's the fairy in green, yellow and black

A sugar drop of one or two
If there be more then within the pouch
There be a few
With colors to match each fairy as told
Separate by color
then multiply by love
according to each

Skip along the banks of gitchigumi
To the house that by the waters edge
Painted peach and white
Turn the key and within you will find
That which your liege protects

Each of my Children thinks they are my favorite, but my grandson is the key.



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