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The Zen of blogging

Updated on January 14, 2015

The nice thing about blogging is it can be your personal op-ed page. Some people use blogs as therapy. Some demonstrate their knowledge of history. Some just want to get their side of the story out. Some are building a family tree. Some are already experts in a field and have found a way to get paid for their critiques. All reasons are justified. This is the beauty of the Internet, and the ease of the World Wide Web.

One must still remember that just because it’s on the Net doesn’t make it truth. Nonetheless, it is my hope that we bloggers, when we do expose facts or opinions, have integrity like a newspaper to corroborate information before publishing.

It’s one thing to post a political smear on Facebook that you took from some non-legitimate source. After all, Facebook is a social network, not a literary force. People constantly remake themselves there – sexy, young, above-board, grown-up, innocent…. Facebook is in some ways a fantasy site, not that all members approach it that way. But that grain of salt – there are those who will.

Meanwhile, a blog is an intellectual exercise of one sort or another. If you disagree with me – write a responsive comment right on the blog post. If you are offended, don’t read my blog. If you feel slandered – sue me for libel and hope I don’t have proof of what I opine.

© 2015 Bonnie-Jean Rohner


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