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The Arrival of Lost Love/ Part 1

Updated on August 28, 2020
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A silent observer looks around and notices such things which others can not, because they are too busy in their own work.

Amy was telling her daughter on her mobile phone at her cousin's brother's wedding today that she would come immediately as soon as the meal was over. Your aunt would not let me come without eating. He hung up the phone and put it in his purse and sat up straight and the woman sitting next to her started asking her. Is your daughter worried?

Amy sighed coldly and said that she lives in a hostel, her father's shadow is not on her head, and I am her only support.

The woman looked at him in surprise and said, "Oh, I'm so sorry, are you a widow?" how many children you have?

Amy said there is only one daughter.

The woman began to ask, "How do you live?"

Amy replied that on her father's pension, he was in the nineteenth grade. He was also a teacher.

The woman smiled and asked it was a Love-Marriage?

Love Marriage
Love Marriage

Amy replied no it's not like that.

When did he die?

Ten years have passed. Amy replied.

Where do you live? The women asked.

"Now I live with my widowed Aunt's house," Amy said. Their two sons live outside the country with their families and their sister is also married. In-laws do not allow them to keep their mother with them. Then there is his ancestral home. I was a widow, I needed a home, I was single, and my parents had died. My aunt's children persuaded me to stay at my aunt's ancestral home. I also used to go to college from here and my aunt was also alone. I wanted to pay the rent, so she said, "Just keep them with you. Give us food and water. We will not charge rent." She used to serve my aunt anyway. Now the daughter has come home and is missing.

The food at the wedding is given to the men first. Although women and children should be given first. Innocent children are making the lives of mothers difficult. I would say have a lunch box system so that everyone gets equal. And the embezzlement of food should be avoided.

The other woman said that you are right.

Amy asked what your name is.

Jessica: She replied. I have two daughters and a son. All are married. I came here at the request of my brother. These are my brother's friend.

His wife did not come, Amy asked.

No, Jessica replied.

Jessica started telling me about his brother that there was a tragedy with my brother. Dad mentioned to his friend that he would go to someplace to see his son's relationship.

The friend said why you go out while my daughter is at home I am also looking for a relationship for her. Come tomorrow and bring an engagement ring for my daughter. Dad was compelled and came home and mentioned this to us. And he told the family not to go to the place where they had gone to see the girl. My brother had a condition to see the girl before engagement, and he had liked to see her and now he had to go to their house to have a relationship. But my father's friend grabbed my father's feet and told him to adopt his daughter. She is less educated and not so beautiful but you can take her as a maid in the house. The doctors have told me that you can live just for 2 months. What will she do because her Mother had died also? Where will she go after me? My father took pity on him and rejected the girl they went to see a few days ago. And my father decided that not only to go and see his friend's daughter but also to get married to her with my brother. The brother liked that girl very much but he was sent the rejection, against the wishes of my brother. Going against the wishes of the family, my father emotionally blackmailed the son and said that you can later marry the same girl or the one you want. Just get married here once, my friend is going to die I can't deny his wish. So when we all went to his house, there was a fat tawny girl, who had not even studied till middle school. I went to perform a pilgrimage. I didn't even see the girl that my brother liked after disliking so many girls. Dad also saw the girl, he also became furious and came to my brother and said, "We have to perform this marriage. A dying man is begging."

The marriage took place and everyone returned home bored. A few days later, Dad called them (the previous girl's family) and apologized, saying he wanted to come again. But they were very angry and said that we have married her.


When the brother heard this, he shouted that if Father had to sympathize with his friend, he would have kept his daughter at home, taken over her responsibilities, and reassured her that we would get her married after seeing a good relationship.

Where is the justice that makes the son the scapegoat? He then stubbornly not only got married in a big way but also refused to get married again, and the woman lived for a year and died as soon as her daughter was born. When I came from the pilgrimage, I used to see girls for him to get married hiding from him and I am still watching it. My father got tired of telling him to remarry but he did not agree. The girl is now ten years old. Now her father has given her semi-consent. Now he says let him do whatever he wants.

Have you ever found the address of that girl?

Jessica replied, "I went. If it is an engagement, then it can be done. My brother has not forgotten it yet. If you call him by name, then a cloud of grief covers his face." But the neighbors found out that they had shifted from here as soon as they got married. I miss seeing it. There is no photo of her.

Jessica said I told him on the phone to take the photo from them and send it to me but my brother said that I do not like to keep the photo like this before marriage, she is in my heart.

Jessica called out to a child to call his brother. Then he went a little farther and told his brother in a whisper that he had chosen a girl for you. You don't even believe for a virgin that I am not a virgin myself. The brother replied carelessly, "Please don't look at me, just do whatever you have to do."

Amy doubted Jessica's words.

Jessica came to her smiling and spoke to Amy...

Just as she was about to speak, Laura's call came that Mama I was going to her friend's house with her friend, then she would drop me at the hostel and the maid was with the Aunt. She was saying that she has fed her and also gave her medicine. Now she is sitting comfortably with her and watching TV.

Amy sighed and put the phone back in his wallet.

Addressing him, Jessica said, "I like Amy very much and I don't want to waste time talking here and there." I listened to your story and felt that we needed our brother just like you and I want to marry you to my brother David. And in this regard, I want to come to your aunt to talk about this.

Amy heard and resented, please don't talk on this topic, I don't want to remarry, I have a young daughter. This is the age of her marriage. She got up and walked away. The food started and Jessica stood next to her and kept looking at her but she kept ignoring him.

Amy told Colleague that she was tired and wanted to go home.

Her colleague said, "Okay, come with me. Amy put on the veil and walked with her." Her colleague took her to Jessica who was sitting in the car and asked him to drop her too.

Jessica happily opened the door and asked her to sit down.

David came talking on the phone when Amy was standing upset.

Amy looked intently at him what seemed to be a familiar face, and her old wounds turned green.

© 2020 Hassan Ali


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