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The beauty of the view

Updated on January 30, 2015

Beauty to last.

visions that make you catch a breath

as I am allowed to see them,I will fear no death.

the take me places,I can't explain

each time I see them,I feel i gain.

i feel happy inside,it lifts my mood

much more jovial,lots more than I should.

uplifting,inspiring,beautiful,im in awe

hard to explain the visions I saw .

cant do them justice,I can try my best

the message gets through,as I upload the rest.

The beauty of the view

Words don't explain the true beauty of the sights
The long winding roads,the owls at night.
The smell of fresh blooms in the spring early season
These smells appear yearly without giving a reason.
They enchant,romance you,and change your mood
Your health feels better,it's all for the greater good.
Nature can trick you,amaze and astound
Beautiful memories, bird singing aloud.
Never wish it to end,spring is my favourite season
Spring fills me with happiness,for no other reason.
Small gusts of wind tantalise your senses
Springs the time nature throws down her fences.
Almost too many changes to properly remember
To do them all justice,like a winter in December.
I would miss this season if it ceased to exist
If it disappeared like a slow lingering mist.
Seeing natures beauty is a privilege on its own
When you experience it once,the seeds are sown.
You will always look forward to the ever approaching season
Deep down you will know,you'll have your own reason.
Everyone can love certain aspects of the spring
I think myself it's a personal thing.
Whether you love the birds,the streams or the nights
They are all individual,they are wonderful sights.
All the other seasons are special on their own
They don't match spring for me,my imagination is sown.
The seed is planted,infinite sights and sounds
Happy memories to me,are sure to come around.

Truly inspiring regardless of the weather.

Mood changing.

when I visit the Highlands for a holiday,I have a total mood not a stressed person,but occassionally things get right up my nose,and irritate me tremendously.i deal with these minor irritations every day by trying not to lose my rag so to speak.when at our holiday lodge,the world is a different wife commented once or twice,stating im a totally different person when I'm there,I supposse thats a good mood changes dramatically to a mellow happy guy,who ends up not wanting to leave the holiday ,to return back to the hum drum of normal life.but,unfortunately,I need to return to normality eventually.

Left me speechless.

Natures warning.

as I sit awake in the early morning

natures fury gives out a warning.

howling wind,thrashing rain

definitely a storm to torment the brain.

live a life through natures eyes

punishing wildlife,as I see their cries.

every creature battered by the storm

while I'm lucky inside,settled and warm.

try to help as much as I can

my efforts are weak,I am spent as a man

nature doesnt decipher

inflicts her powers

all we can do is wait

As she quickly devours.

On occassion.

while on holiday,we have experienced some incredible does not detract from the enjoyment of being there.we just wait it out till the storm stops thrashing rain on the windows,and attempts to deconstruct parts of the lodge.up till now,the workmanship has survived her best attempts to destroy them.over the years,the weather is definitely changing.its getting more severe as the seasons pass.i don't ever remember there being so much rain and storms as we seem to get in modern times.maybe it's a consequence of our destructive ways of living.maybe there is another cause,or maybe a few causes.if you listen to differing opinions from different experts,there are a multitude of reasons the weather is getting worse.the opinions change as much as the weather does ,depending on what expert is offering his opinion on that particular day.sometimes it's a confusing message being put out.all we can do is get on with it.what will be will be.

See for miles.

No technology,panic.

no technology,what will they do?

internet non existent,telephone too.

entertain ourselves through imagination

modern kids lack the consentration.

see the boredom setting in

deprived of the mod cons,we committed a sin.

irritated,arguing,trying to cause fights

thats how bored technological kids,spend their nights.

its worrying to see,how dependant they are

if the world gadgets crashed,they wouldn't go far .

Luxuries in scarce supply.

when on holiday,technology takes a back my own house my family is used to high fibre optic broadband,at the holiday lodge there's no internet service at kids were not happy when they realised this fact.if they want Internet ,they have to go to the only pub in the site,and even then it is only a 2G can't sent pictures,update Facebook or Twitter,my kids look emotionally drained at having to be without a decent internet service for a week or so.i don't miss it when I haven't got it.i like the dependancy on your own ways to entertain people.we actually played board games,something we had not done for many years.we go lots of walks,so if nothing else comes from the holiday,it does keep you reasonable fit.i love it,the kids on the other hand ,are not so keen to go back.

Keeping up with the trends.

each new phone that comes on the market is the bain of every parents existence.every new tablet,or iPad that arrives on our doorsteps ushers in a new type of kids are no different from every other kid in the world,they want all the best ,and most up to date gadgets out in the market.its the new way of life,technology plays such a huge part in the everyday life of our kids.schoolwork and friendships seem to depend on technology a lot.maybe too much.they don't seem to get by or exist without gadgets to help them on their way.i think if I had a bet with all my children ,to go without technology in every aspect for a period of one week,I think they would not cope.i have set this challenge before a few years ago,and the toughest of my children lasted 24 hours before getting the not sure if that inspires confidence in me. Here's a scary thought to tell the children,imagine a future where technology did not exist,I think they would be very upset at the prospect of having to do everything doing what I did as a child,going to a Library to research a school project.i suggested this to one of my children years ago,they looked at me as if I spoke in an alien language.

Conversation dies.

while in my house at night,it's usually very quiet,no mean feat considering there are seven people in my house.i often try to have a conversation with one or more of my children.inevitably the same outcome happens,while they are texting,or tweeting I speak Regarding an issue that day,as sure as I am a man,they ask me what I just said,they are like zombies most of the day due to mobile phones,or laptops or whatever other gadget they happen to be on.I guess I'm just used to it now,it's a part of our life now as much as food or television.i don't see technology slowing down anytime soon.


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