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The Best Time to Write

Updated on December 26, 2013

Choosing a perfect time to write is not only professional but also helpful in so many ways. At least it helps a writer not only to maintain focus but also makes a writer very much productive in his work. By choosing an appropriate time that suits you or which gives you a chance to contemplate well on your ideas, you will be able to easily escape the writer’s block and develop more ideas.

*Personally the best time is at dawn. Normally, I seem to write more and bring out more ideas from within myself most specifically during that period of time. I have experimented with this for quiet a long time now and in this article I am going to share some few ideas on how this method or time of writing works for me a lot.

I do understand that individually every writer has his or her own time of writing. A chosen time that he or she is able to connect to his or her true-self and bring out most of his ideas. Writer’s who might prefer a different time of writing as opposed to dawn writing could still read on and pick some few ideas to help them create or simulate a very much conducive atmosphere no matter their chosen time of writing . Being able to recreate the dawn experience in their own ways or a perfect atmosphere for writing by drawing some few ideas from here will help them to become much more productive in their writing as well.

First of all, we need to understand that human beings are social animals. That is we are very much connected to people around us and our surroundings both physically and psychologically. The sort of connections that we have with the people around us and our surrounding all comes into play or influences your thought pattern as you write. This could either be an advantage or disadvantage to some level. Of course you will need to draw or absorb ideas from the people and your surrounding to help you to write. But many times a writer would also encounter difficulties in coming up with straight forward ideas due to this same mind connection advantage which in this case rather becomes a disadvantage. You are unable to end your article or find a proper arrangement for your ideas because you do not know which voice you should allow to speak through you. We are usually made up several selves competing within us and this could reflect in your thought pattern and get you so much confused in arriving at a specific unique straight forward idea to write. As you experience an unstable thought pattern you tend to have so many conflicting ideas in your writing. This makes it difficult to arrive at a straight forward idea for your content or even to conclude your article for publishing. You become so frustrated and stressed –unsure which is the perfect voice or tone to describe your ideas to your target audience.

This phenomenon is much more understandable because the same thing that makes us strong sometimes makes you weak. The same thing that gives us inspiration to write and even influences our way of writing could make a writer lose his total bearings and often experience a writer’s block.

Considering the disadvantage associated with these psychological societal connections, In fact certain levels of thinking could only be achieved by disconnecting from these societal influences- most especially in the case of writing which involves one having to embrace solitudness or a sort of prolonged isolation to churn out words. This is when dawn writing offers an advantage to most writers like me.

The truth is as the world is perceived to be asleep; it makes the writer less connected to the major influences around him or in his environment which is more likely to influence his thought pattern or way of thinking. This includes people or the society as a whole. It gives you enough confidence and the chance to break away psychologically from your surrounding. Your natural thinking antennas intensifies and you are not only able to connect to deeper levels of your mind but also far fetch information which isn’t within your immediate environment.

It offers a great time for the mind to travel further in search of more ideas. And you can experience the appropriate privacy and silence that enables you to hear the inner voice much louder. With the very quiet atmosphere that dawn writing offers, you are able to focus and contemplate well on your work, it makes you feel alone in the universe and you can confidently allow your true personality to reveal itself. It sort of offers you a chance to come out of yourself and your head without much psychological restrictions or hindrances. You can really dig down or probe deeper into thinking levels to come face to face with yourself. When you write at dawn, you will be astonished by the tons of information you will be able to discover and even bring up from the past to support your ideas.

Please feel free to give your comment and suggestions below. You can also contact me if you want to write articles for your blogs, website or for any proof reading service. Contact me for also advice and tutorials on SEO or how you can upgrade your website in order to gain more traffic.


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