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The cage

Updated on September 3, 2014


Just because a bird is caged doesn’t mean it cannot fly. Just because I should give up, doesn’t mean I will not try. The bird is waiting for the chance for the cage door to be left open, given the chance or opportunity, all it wants to do, is what it was meant to do, fly.

Admittedly, I’ve had my moments, have them, when I feel overwhelmed, stressed, distressed, depressed, and impressed, because not all days are good, but not all days are bad, even bad days aren’t all bad, or in retrospect, all that bad. Unfortunately, when one is experiencing, undergoing, or enduring a life altering, life-changing, experience, not everyone is going to be understanding, compassionate, or respectful of feelings and or emotions. Not everyone is privy to whatever it is that is going on, either in your head or in your life, and although the ones in your life or are privy to what’s going on in your life (and many may be well intentioned), they may say or do the ‘wrong’ thing, it happens, more often than not.

My way of resolving issues, my issues, has always been to either talk or write about my feelings, impressions, and emotions. Writing about it clears my head and frees my heart, allows me to open it again. Talking only works when and or if people are listening or willing to listen, which is so rarely the case, because people become defensive, people become offended, people take things offensively, no one hears or listens to anyone it seems, especially when everyone is sure that they’re ‘right.’ Why do we act so ‘wrong’ to prove that we are ‘right?’

I’ve been practicing discression, which is just another word for oppression, I write about my feelings and emotions, instead of talking, and now I merely feel indifference. Not every bird that is caged or been caged, gives up its chance or hope for the door to its cage to left open-it may appear it accepts or has accepted its fate, but given the chance and or the choice, it will do what it was meant to do, all it wants to do, is fly.


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    • raquelpier profile image

      Raquel L Pierson 5 years ago from Lancaster Ca

      Thank you Vision Inspire, for the read and the comments! :)

    • Vision Inspires13 profile image

      Vision Inspires13 5 years ago

      Awesome! Well written! Too often we are bound by the cage, with no thought of leaving that particular nest! But when opportunity opens up (literally) we just have to be ready to fly! Im ready... Enjoyed it!