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The children suffer again.

Updated on November 17, 2015


A shocking example,war not peace

Child face down in the sand

This is no sign of peace.

Assad gets off again,no time

scot free,nothing,not classed as a crime

immune to bullets,he has no shame

He never has to explain,what's is to be gained when a child is left maimed

When will this man ever be tried,at the end of a gun,

electric chair,fried,Child dies,I lose a breath.

he cares about nothing,another pointless death

Kills with impunity,kills for fun,Jumped up tyrant,should see the end of a gun.

When is it Assad's time?

This man has been a constant news feature for years now,his people are killed and rounded up like cattle to be used in this mans sick games,however he deems fit to do with.I am not the only person thinking ,Why are the rest of the world sitting by and letting this pointless jumped up tyrant to get away with the crimes he is committing on a daily basis.Chemical weapons attacks on his own people,using his people as human shields to deflect gunfire away from his troops.This man has no conscience.He just wants to be left to rule with an iron fist.I feel heartfelt sorrow for the Syrian people.Its the old adage,if there's nothing to be gained financially by invading the country,lives don't matter.No oil,not worth risking other lives to get it.Its a shameful act that the so called United Nations allows to continue daily.

The reality.

While we live our lives.

While we tick by quietly and peaceful ,this is allowed to happen.We should not be living in a world where these murderers are still dictating who lives and who dies.This is the lowest form of life taking I have ever seen? What did that child do to deserve to be face down in the same,absolutely nothing.His only crime was being born Syrian.In any other culture,your country of origin wouldn't automatically sentence you to death,but living in Assad's country means your life is on the edge of a knife each day,to be taken at the will of a madman. It shouldn't be allowed to carry on.

Random murder.


count rises every day

children murdered,10 today.

walking in the street

might get lucky ,and not die

this is a disgrace

i feel I could cry.

we are very lucky,

a free country we reside

no one marks your card,

only you can decide.

if I go out today!

if I go for a walk!

I'm in no danger,

I'm free to go and talk

fear no persecution,

for what I say

hope one day

we can see Syria go this way.

Oil or nothing!

Sad to say,this is the bold truth.Iraq only seen feet on the ground because of it's natural resources the rest of the world could exploit ,on the guise of doing good.Iraq by all accounts is as lawless today as it was when the troops left.What's to say Syria wont go the same way,ending up being another country to become a statistic.Too many life changing decisions are taken on what's to be gained at the end of it.It should be done in a humanitarian way.Where money is the only statistic,not what it will cost to give these people a taste of deserved freedom.

A free world.

What a world it would be if we all joined forces and took care of one tyrant after another.Set countries free from these people who claim to kill in the name of a cause,or in the name of religion.i am not religious in any way,but I'm pretty certain there is no culture or faith that preaches killing people in its name.This is the fault of a few disillusioned people who twist a faiths words to try to justify they're heinous actions.When we all realise that's the truth,then maybe we could all join together and actually solve this continuous problem.

Dictate this,Dictate that !

Tell me what to do,at the end of a gun

i will indeed do it,i will fear your gun

you have power over me,the coward you are

if you had no gun,you would never go far.

put down the gun,face me like a man

but you cannot do it,your not a real man

i would exact my revenge,have you face your crime

not easy way out,you would definitely serve time.

you would answer for the murders,the terrible acts

given a fair trial,in front of the facts

It is the way it should end,no life to be taken

the moral compass we have,is made to awaken.

Innocent lives taken.

Money should not matter.

money has the power,to corrupt a man

millions of pounds,of course he can

do as you like,piles of cash

can you sleep at night? on the blood stained stash

hope it's worth it,killing a child

you can torment your conscience

drive yourself wild.

no money is worth that crime

not worth taking a life

we are so easily bought

still not worth a life!!

There are no words.


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