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A Continuation of yesterday's dream. Happiness, sadness, restoration of the broken heart and at the end is fulfillment.

Updated on October 2, 2019

It's a broken relationship for how many years but at the end through the power of love and the blessings from God it will restore again.

Matthew 19:26 Jesus looked at them and said, "With man this is impossible, but with God all things are possible."

Yes it is true that all things are possible with God that no man can do. We need God's guidance in our daily life. Our God is the powerful and wonderful God. Everyday, Shane and Charles always ask blessing's by God's guidance. Sometimes we can't avoid the temptations. That is the reason why Charles and Shane broke up. It's sad to end whatever they started, too much heart ache.

Only few invites by the birthday celebrant Sheila Fuentes. She invited her cousin Dr. Charles Marcelo, a young and handsome doctor head of the CLMRH hospital. CLMRH is a private hospital in the city. sheila also invite her high school friend Shane Bernardino worked at AIWA Production company, it's an advertising company operates nationwide. Charles and Shane were live different subdivision in the same city. Charles is a handsome guy that make the women fall in love. His height is 5 feet and 11 inches "tall, and we can called him, "tall dark and handsome". While Shane is 5 feet and 7 inches tall, she looks like 2015 Miss universe Pia Wurtzbach, a Filipina woman who won in the pageant. We can called her a woman with a "classic beauty".

"Charles please come over here", Sheila said. "I would like to introduce to you my best friend and my high school classmate name Shane Bernardino, Shane please meet my cousin Dr. Charles Marcelo, Shane Bernardino is my high school friend and classmate". That's the way of Sheila introduce Charles to Shane and Shane to Charles. Charles shock the beauty of Shane he told himself "Wow! a "classic beauty!" Then he ask, "How are you Shane? "I'm fine Charles". Shane answered. " So, guys let’s have lunch and remember we cannot stay here longer, we are only stay here until 4:00 o'clock in the afternoon due to the low tide. Our service boat will not float above the sea level when the low tide comes in. We need to walk at the middle of the sea to reach the seashore". It's a beautiful small island with green environment, many trees, fresh and cool atmosphere, surrounded by the sea with white sand. Sheila Explained. Sheila seat between Charles and Shane while eating their lunch. They are busy talking because they were all circle of friends aside from Charles and Shane which newly introduced. While Shane is busy eating her food, Charles glance at her once in a while and said himself. "Oh Shane you're so beautiful"!. Without knowledge of Charles Sheila notice and said, Hmm Charles? with a beautiful smile on her lips towards her cousin. Charles smile at her too and said. yes sheila?. "No Charles nothing important" Sheila said. Charles really appreciate the beauty of Shane until he ask the mobile number of Shane through Sheila.

Everybody enjoy their lunch together with the birthday celebrant. At exactly 4:00 o'clock in the afternoon they decided to go home to Bacolod City. They have two pump boats owned by the resort used as their trip service across the sea from resort to resort. Charles and Shane is on the same boat while Sheila is on the other boat. They were seat beside each other and Charles too silent while experiencing the good weather sailing across the sea and in a while he disturbed good smell perfume from Shane and he said himself. Wow! how nice her smell". When they arrived at the seashore, they continue land trip. Almost 3 hours travel by private car to arrive their home place. "Hey Charles! why you are too silent what happen? it's a miracle because this is the first time that you are not talkative hehe". Sheila joke a little to Charles. "I'm fine Sheila, I feel the good atmosphere on this travel". But secretly, he don't know why he like the smell of Shane. The birthday of Sheila end successfully and all her friends were enjoy.

Charles and Shane started with friendship and everything fine, they become engaged and end up with break up

"Hi good morning my Angel! how are you? Can I invite you to attend at Sunday service in our Church? Shane think twice before she reply, "Who's this please?" The sender said " I am Charles a guy that you had met in your friend sheila's birthday last week. Shane wondered why he knows her mobile number because she didn't gave her mobile number. "Yes Charles it's you?" "Yes my angel" Charles replied. Shane feel excitement. "My angel can I invite you to attend the Sunday service of our church? Charles said. "Yes Charles sure!" Shane replied. "Thank Shane, I will be there in your house at exactly 9 o'clock because the church service is on 10 o'clock in the morning". It is okay with you my Angel?" Charles asked. "Yes Charles it is okay with me no worries" Shane replied too. Shane give to Charles direction to her house at Ayala.

At exactly 9 o'clock, Charles arrived at Shane's . Charles drive his black Mitsubishi Montero Sports car. "Hap in Shane", Charles said in a happy sound of excitement voice to meet Shane again for second time."Okay Charles" Shane replied. They arrived at the church on time to start the Sunday service. When the pastor said to the believers" Please all stand as we honor the word of God". The believers stand up and listen the word of God. The pastor said again. "Our gospel is from the book of Matthew 19:26 said Jesus looked at them and said, "With man this is impossible, but with God all things are possible. The Sunday service long for only two hours. After the service, Charles invite Shane for lunch at Ayala Mall Central. While eating their lunch Charles said. "The Gospel today is very inspiring". "Yes Charles and do you believed the gospel?" Shane asked. "Yes Shane, I really believed that in God all things are possible". After their lunched, Charles drop Shane to her house. "Thanks for today Shane". Charles really appreciate his companionship with Shane."Thanks too Charles, nice to see you again". Shane replied too.

Every Sunday Charles and Shane to go Sunday church service and after the church service they went to the restaurant for lunch. Because Charles attracted to the classic beauty of Shane he start his courtship to Shane.

"Charles please give me enough time to think if I really love you" Shane said. "Yes my angel I am waiting until to the time welcome, I really loved you Shane" Charles said in his seductive voice. They continue their relationship as befriends, until such time Shane to Charles become a sweet lover. Shane accept Charles love that he offer her. Thank you so much for your love to my Angel. I promise you that I am very thoughtful and sincere boyfriend with you". Charles said. "Yes Charles because I love you so much," Shane reply. They were happy together, sharing the dreams to become a successful couple someday. Charles always visit to Shane even in their work place and same as Shane too. They are well-known of being engaged.

But because Charles is too attracted to women, One of those woman name Desirie Matines, who is secretly fall in love with him. Desirie is the \Head Nurse on the same hospital on Charles work with. She is white complexion, 4 feet in height with hair at the shoulder level. She looks like Chinese because her mother is Filipina and her father is a Chinese. Their friends called her in a simple description, "Cute and beautiful". Because she is too much in love with Charles she do all the means to get his full attention.

One day, all stall in the Hospital including the VIP's had a Christmas Party held in at the intercontinental in Baguio City. All staff excited for the Christmas Party.. The Head of the hospital Dr. Charles Marcelo appoint Desirie Martinez the head nursing Department who is the in charge of the Christmas Party. "Ms. Martinez I appoint you to take charge for our Christmas Party". Charles said. Desirie Martinez prepare the check list for the from sound,food, games and others. "Ms. Disirie, how is the preparation for our Christmas Party tonight? "Charles asked. "Everything well done Charles" Desirie replied.

The party start at exactly 6:00 in the evening. Every one is enjoy until such time that almost all staff drunk same as Charles and Desirie too. "Charles I want you to stay with me until tonight" Desirie talk to Charles in a very seductive way. "Yes, Desirie i well, until whole night we will be together". Charles replied. Because they are both drunk, they don't know what they do. Both Charles and Desirie Check tat the private room separate from hospital staff.

At the Hotel room, they share the sweetness of the night like Adam and Eve. Desirie start everything. "Desirie, what are you doing"? Charles asked in an amused way. Kissing you, and I want more than kissing honey, right? Desirie asked to Charles. "Of course Desirie, I like what you are doing for me hehehe" Charles laugh like a foolish. The night is over and the morning comes. Charles and Desirie wake up in the hotel with a very sweet smile of Desiries's face. She enjoy the night together with a guy who is her secretly fall in love. But Charles is not good. He don't know how to explain to his loved one Shane what happen last night. He felt guilty. ask told to Desirie. "Charles don't worry I can keep a secret because I love you Charles". Desiries answered him. No Desirie! No!. Charles reply with anger. 'We are both enjoy last night right?" Desirie told him with a smiling of her face.

Charles and Shane both were heart-broken.

"Charles I know that you check in a private room at the hotel with Desirie last night in your Christmas Party." Shane confronted to Charles. "Let me explain darling, I can't avoid the temptation because we are both drunk last night. I'm very sorry Shane". "I did not love her. believe me Shane". "You are the one and only one I love and my love for you will never change until I will die". Charles explain to Shane emotionally with the teary eyes. Shane also crying too and said " please Charles leave me alone. I love you yes no question about it, but I cannot accept that you have other woman". "Desirie needs you as her future husband". "Please Charles stay with her because she loved you". "No! Shane" Charles argued. "I love you Shane and I don't let you to go darling". "I'll never let you go please Shane.

Charles almost petty to Shane. But Shane as if she never heard all about what Charles said. Shane feel broken heart of what Charles did. Charles ask for second chances but Shane don't know what to do. She cry every night just to think to their relationship until one day she decided. She Call Charles through mobile phone. Hello Charles can we meet tonight after your work? we need to talk each other" Charles feel excited just to think that their problems will settle. In an excited he replied, Yes honey sure we will meet soon after my work". When they meet each other on the meeting place Shane said "Charles I need a distance to have a peace of mind and we will back if we are both okay". Charles feel sad when heard that Shane want to break him but no choice than to accept it. "We hope we will meet again soon Shane I love you darling" with a broken voice of sadness Charles said. "Yes Charles I love you but I need to say goodbye. I know we are not meant to each other". Shane told Charles with a crying voice and teary eyes until its falling down her tears and she walk away. .

Shane always pray to God ask for guidance whatever she do and she always remember the bible said " with men this is impossible but with God all things are possible (Matt. 19:26). Everyday she always think about Charles. Even in her work she did not concentrate due to her loneliness. But one day she had in her mind that nothing will happen if she remain lonely and not moving on from her broken heart. Every Sunday she continue attending church service on her own.

The accomplishments of Charles and Shane after heart-broken

Charles resigned immediately at the CLMRMH hospital right after their break up with Shane so that he can not able to see Desirie again. He continue to study his unfinished course B.S in Pharmacy because before he work at the hospital he start studying B.S Pharmacy. At the beginning before he worked at the hospital he want as a successful Pharmacist. He want to put up business in Pharmacy and now he continue to his studies in pharmacy at Manila Central University until he graduated. In 2016 and he passed for the Licensure Board Examination for Pharmacist. .

Shane concentrated her business on SF Production International. The SF Production International operates as advertising agency nationwide and in abroad to cater the international products. "Mam Shane nice business name. What is the meaning of SB Mam Shane"? her employee Marie asked. "Marie the meaning of SB means Shane Bernardino. Shane answered with a smile". Wow! Marie amazed and replied. Marie the Manager of her SB Production International business of Shane. She had many clients and she hired five (5) more employees in SB Production International for up coming proposed new products. it is a family owned company and the manage by Shane Bernardino. Her success is given by God. Because of her continue prayers and ask for God's guidance and blessings. One afternoon Shane not feeling well. she told her driver Robert to go to her family doctor name Dr. Rey Llamas. When Shane visit to her doctor for check up she diagnose that she had a High Blood pressure. "Shane please do relax once in a while to have a healthy life, avoid too much work load" Dr. Llamas advice his patient Shane. "Yes doctor", Shane follow her doctor's advice.

On Monday afternoon, Shane notice that there is a Black Montero Sports Park near to her business office. The black Montero Sports Car catch her attention. A new black Montero Sports car, She smile, and think the past memories of her only ex-boy Charles Marcelo. she didn't forget even once always in her memory. she is still remember about him but still in her memories because it has been five (5) years fast flies since they broke up. But still fresh in her memory that is why she focused her time to her business and now she is a successful business woman with 5 branches nation wide in the Philippines. and 1 branch outside the country.

Robert, please tell the guard to watch who is the owner of the new black Montero Sports car park near to our office. Yes Mam Shane! Robert replied. almost one (1) week Shane noticed about the mysterious black Montero sports car. "Marie, Please call the Company's guard".Yes Mam Shane. Marie replied. Mam Shane here's our company guard. Her manager Marie said. Guard have you noticed the black new Montero sports car always park near the parking lot in our company? Shane asked. Yes Mam Shane, Guard replied. and I have noticed it for almost 2 weeks now".guard added. Yes true have you seen the owner or the driver of the car? Shane ask to their company's guard. "No mam Shane. I always saw it parked already.

After three (3) week the new black Montero sports car never park again on the parking lot near to the business office of SB Production International. Oh why I missed the mysterious car? Shane ask herself. No! because I still remember Charles Marcelo. Shane remember about her past and ask herself " how is he now? and where is he?. On Thursday Afternoon She went to the newly open pharmacy name "CM&SB Pharmacy" near to her business office. She bought medicine because she is not feeling well. "Wow! it's beautiful and too convenient and I like the name CM&SB Pharmacy only a distance here". Shane amazed on herself. Mam. anything? the sales Girl of the pharmacy approach Shane. "Please give me a medicine for my High Blood pressure" Shane told the Sales Girl

The unforgettable experienced of Charles and Shane at CM&SB Pharmacy

At the CM&SB Pharmacy, the sales girl said, Mam anything That i can do for you? "Ms. please give me my medicine for my high blood pressure". Shane approach the Sales Girl. "Yes mam, just wait for a while and I will get your meds". The sales girl replied. While she is waiting, another guy wearing white polo and white pants she told her "Miss your order's done? then when they looked each other they were both shocked. Shane? oh Shane how are you darling? Charles? what are you doing here? I missed you so much Shane! I missed you so much darling. Charles go out from the Pharmacy and come over her and hug to Shane very tightly same as Shane too. They hug each other and Charles kiss with her said "I still love you Shane until now"." Same to you Charles I still love you" Shane answered. The employees of the pharmacy as well as the customers and employees of CM&SB Pharmacy clapping at them and they said "Congratulations to both of you Mam Shane and Sir Charles".

After a moment, Charles invite Shane to have a dinner at the restaurant near to their office. While they were going out to the car of Charles, Shane asked, "Charles where did you park your car?" "At the back of the my Pharmacy". Charles replied. "Meaning this is your Pharmacy Congratulations Charles?" Shane asked and congratulated to Charles. "Yes darling and thank you so much", Charles replied. and Charles said again, "This time I use my car darling as our service for tonight dinner". "sure Charles" Shane answered. While they were both near to the car of Charles, Shane shocked. Charles you are the owner of the mysterious car? she asked. Yes darling it's mine, why darling? what's wrong? Charles asked. Because I have noticed it how many times parked near to my office at SB Production International and when i told the company guard to watch who is the owner of the mysterious car. The guard told me it does not have a driver. He did not saw the driver ever since only he saw the car parked already and he concluded that the car parked at the very early in the morning".long explanation of Shane. "Hahahaha, Charles laugh of what Shane told him. Yes darling, I parked very early in the morning when my Pharmacy constructed and I supervised my architect. I used to park it near SB Production. The place near SB Production International the only place near to my Pharmacy". Charles Explained. "SB Means Shane Bernardino?" Charles asked. "Yes Charles you are correct." Shane answered. "Congratulations darling!" Charles congratulated to Shane for her successful business.

While Shane and Charles had dinner Charles told the story to Shane. Darling, When we broke up I concentrated to my unfinished schooling in B.S. in pharmacy. I finished my B.S. in Pharmacy at de Salle manila after I passed the board exam lately decided to put up a business of Pharmacy name CMS Pharmacy. "You know the meaning of CM&SB?" Charles asked. "I don't know what is the meaning Charles". Shane replied. "The meaning is Charles MarceIo & Shane Bernardino. Darling I did'n had any relationship to any of the woman. I promised myself you are my one and my only love" Charles answered. "What happen to Desirie?" Shane ask. "Desirie got married to my friend Bernie Who I introduced her during my birthday. They full in love each other and they get married. Believed me darling. I don't have any relationship to Desirie ever since only the temptation when we drunk at night of our Christmas Party and she tempted me to have a love appear with her". It's a long explanation of Charles to Shane. "Darling the proof that I still in love with you until now. Please believed darling, You're still in my heart darling." Charles Explained. Because Shane still fall in loved with Charles she accept him again. They get married and by the God's grace they give them a cute baby boy name Michael Marcelo.

Things should be considered in loving someone

You must be strong to face the problems
Pray to God and ask his blessing and guidance
Trust worthy and loyal to you loved one
True love will never die
True love can sacrifice
True love can wait for the right time
In true love can experienced pain
In true love can experienced sadness
In true love can experience happiness

All those things we experienced if we truly in love to a person, welling to give everything as long as you can give him or her happiness. As long as you make him or her happy. Welling to sacrifice everything. All must surrender to God. Because in God


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