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The Dragon and His Gold

Updated on March 5, 2015
The Mighty Dragon
The Mighty Dragon | Source
Gold | Source

Scene 1

I am a dragon,

Ancient and old,

A guardian of treasures,

Riches and gold.

I slumbered beneath,

A thousand pieces of gold,

Millenia and counting,

Forgotten, untold.

Deep in the bowels,

A cavern so cold,

I slept unawaken,

Till a tragedy unfolds.

Suddenly i was shaken,

By a nightmare so bold,

Somebody have stolen,

A piece of my gold.

Nine hundred and ninety,

I held my breath on hold,

Nine more slid my talon,

One more somewhere in the fold.

I searched hither and thither,

Scanned beneath and behind,

I could forgive myself a silver,

But never a piece of gold.

I squinted on all corners,

Alert at discovering the scourge,

Then i heard faint footfall,

Of something being towed.

My temper rose to rage then,

Fury all gone wild,

Such dismal a transgression,

Humans have stolen my gold!

Sleeping Dragon
Sleeping Dragon | Source

Scene 2

The dragon once forgotten,

A creature of the deep,

It guards a hoard of treasure,

Golden mound of a thousand piece.

Never was it taken,

For nobody would ever dare,

A dragon's wrath is fatal,

Like a trip to Hades lair.

This tale is about a dragon,

Perhaps the last one of its kind,

It slept away in comfort,

Thinking no one would ever find.

But too long has it slumbered,

Too long has it laxed,

The world above it changed then,

Perhaps it was time to strike back.

For someone did made tresspass,

Someone perhaps did wrong,

It believes now that the humans,

Had stolen its missing gold.

In fury it squirmed and wriggled,

From its comfty den beneath,

Breathing fire, brimstone and sulphur,

Clearing all that it can reach.

Gaia groaned and shuddered,

As the wyrm emerges above,

Old dirt started crumbling,

And leathery wings began to flap.

And so the legend took the air,

Grandiose and fear incarnate,

It wailed with a deathly flare,

A paragon of monstrosity, immaculate.

Ransacking Dragon
Ransacking Dragon | Source

Scene 3

The flight of a dragon,

Now everyone knows,

Burned trees to a cinder,

Scorched grounds to dusty rows.

And so it scanned far,

And searched its area wide,

For the telltale sign,

Of its robbers crime.

The culprit it wants,

Before judgement is wrought,

Must be caught red handed,

The vindication it sought.

And lo! It saw them,

These wicked little things,

Humans with pick axe,

And burly back-packings.

Thieves all of them,

The dragon then screeched,

They will pay so dearly,

It spat and cursed and screamed.

With a thundering thud,

It blocked the whole path,

Rising to a stand,

Seething in its wrath.

Alas these poor humans,

Taken by surprise,

Aghast by such fearsome sights,

They fell and could not rise.

And then the dragon spoke,

Murder in its eyes,

Stared at each guilty humans,

Expecting their transparent lies...

Saint George
Saint George | Source


None of the men,

Was to be blamed,

For the gold that was missing,

They never did claim.

One of the gold pieces,

Was stuck on its snout,

This was made plain,

By the trembling human lot.

How could it know?

That the piece was so melted,

Stuck near its maw,

That's where it pelted.

Perhaps while it slept,

Unaware it was spewing,

Hot lava venom,

For such was it dripping.

Enough to melt gold,

Enough to stick stone,

Yet such a crime of admission,

Was beyond the dragons tone.

Some said that it ate them,

Truth worst than we seek,

But it was later known then,

That the dragon grew weak.

Perhaps from old age,

Perhaps it grew meek,

It lived out its days,

Eating livestocks and sheeps.

In the country of Lasia,

The dragon fled east,

Encountered a knight,

Named George of Dioclete.

The Knight became a hero,

Later proclaimed saint,

A savior and a champion,

Because he slain the poor beast.


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